Dec 28, 2011

Adoption Update from the Three Year Old

Sweet Princess Mercy (3) is quite obsessed with being a big sister. Most days she is telling someone she is now 21.  (which makes her older than her oldest sibling). She is weary of being in last position in the family: the baby.   She is growing a bit impatient with the wait for her arriving sister.

She says God is very quiet about it when she asks Him when she is coming. 

I asked her why she thought He was being quiet. 

With a big smile she said very firmly, "Because it is going to be a BIG surprise. 
But I am going to be the big sister!"

 From my heart:

we continue to wait for a birth mother to choose us. we have given our agency 5 books filled with sweet and tender pictures.  The book is filled with beautiful descriptions of our home, each of us, our faith, our heart and our hope.  we wait with eager expectation on a phone call from our worker telling us that we have a match.  we think that our Princess Peace is still growing and forming inside her mother still.  some of us are expecting an April announcement.   

God is holding us all in the palm of His hands 
and we continue to keep our eyes and our hearts on Him.


Rob said...

Its nice the way the young ones think.

Isabel said...

Oh, how exciting! Can't wait to hear the news about the baby - when the timing is right!

Cindy said...

I checked the blogroll an had our family listed under celebrate children.
Is that incorrect? I have not removed any agency except BFAS but I have been having formatting issues so if you are not seeing an agency listed please let me know.
Thanks so much!

Anna said...

That is so exciting! And what an adorable picture of you two. Will you please send her to me so I can kiss her cheeks?

Saminda said...

How very exciting Kimmie. :)
I haven't been by in a loooong time but have so enjoyed catching up on some blogs tonight. I do hope you are all well. :) Sending lots of cuddles...
Saminda x

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