Dec 8, 2011

Freezer meals (for one or two?)

I could use some suggestions on freezer meals.  I have a friend who will be having a double mastectomy next week, due to cancer.  I would love to set her up with freezer meals.  Problem being, I haven't a clue. 

Any ideas or websites you'd recommend? 
She is a single girl and will have need for meals for quite a while I think. I'd love some ideas or pointers.  I tried freezer meals on our first trip to Ethiopia...let's just say they weren't really very successful.

Also, can you think of anything she might need?  She really hasn't been given a lot of post-op information.We don't really have a clue as what it will be like for her post hospitalization.  Have any of you any experience with this?   She has been getting some stuff off of the Internet, but still we are feeling like we might not be totally prepared. 

  A few of her friends will be taking turns in staying with her and helping her until she can manage, but meals would be one less thing to worry about.  (I am one of the small list of friends who will stay with her and do whatever is needed.)

I would covet your prayers because being there for her through this is so huge I want to be able to bless her and walk her through this, but also have to balance my family.  I could use prayer.  My dear friend would like for us to be able to take care of her (without a nurse)...but not sure if this is realistic or not.  I am not sure I am tough enough to handle changing the bandages, but am willing if it is possible. 

thanks for your help.


Stacey said...

I like taco meat and meatballs. Meatballs work for meatball subs, spaghetti and meatball tortillini soup. You just use bef broth, small meatballs and frozen tortillini and some spices. Taco meat can be made in larger quantities and frozen in the quart size freezer bags. Lasagna is good too... We usually freeze things in quart or galln bags for freezer space and you can pop them in the microwave for one or two min to loosen up the bag from the food if it is soup....etc

Stacey said...

Oh and I get lots of recipes from recipe I would google once a month cooking and see what you get. Rcipe source won't have much for freezer stuff

Karen said...

There is a neat website that lets you contact friends and set up that people take turns taking meals to her. I think it's called or something like that.

It's hard to think of cooking for 1 (or 2). When you make food for your family could you just put a serving aside in some disposable plastic containers and freeze them?

Recipes I do like for taking to people are Scalloped Chicken Casserole (basically chicken/macaroni/peas/eggs w/white sauce), spaghetti, lasagna, soup such as chicken corn noodle.

Jo's Corner said...

I went through the same surgery 2 years ago. After surgery, she won't be able to lift her arms for awhile, so foods that can be messy are difficult to eat, like soups, things that drip off a spoon. I ate things like string cheese, sandwiches, yogurts. It is nice to have lotion, kleen*x, a box of wipes nearby. She might enjoy having some new ink pens or pencils, some puzzle books to keep herself occupied. If you are close to her and both of you are comfortable enough, you might wash her back and put lotion on it. And, what better time for a good ol' Foot-Washing? Those are places that are difficult to reach. I have an elderly neighbor lady that I help with those type of things. She has poor eyesight and a hard time reaching her feet, so I soak her feet and then trim her toe nails. Then I give her a foot massage. I think I enjoy doing that for her, as much as she enjoys receiving it. If you're able to visit, you could change her pillowcases. Or do a load of laundry. You could buy a pill-box and sort her pain meds in it so they are readily available and she doesn't have to open a pill bottle. And, put an alarm clock nearby so she can set it and stay on top of the pain. Those are just some things that come to mind now. Oh, one more thing! Chocolate!! Kisses!!

Robin said...

Where do I start? I have been the caregiver for my husband who underwent a bone marrow transplant 3 months ago. Rides and companionship at medical appts are a must(not sure who is in this brave single woman's life). Food...smoothies with favorites (fruit, chocolate, protein, fiber) are great (they can be held in cups with lids and straws so no mess)... so you could chop and freeze the fruit, package the nuts, chocolate etc so it's grab and go portions. Be a walking partner...even if it is just short distances. office, dry cleaner, grocery, pharmacy, bank. Medical...find out your tolerance and do what you can...I never aspired to be a nurse and yet I give ivs, change bandages, administer medications all with a smile. Find out if there are physical therapy exercises that you can help with. I'll stop are already someone special because you are choosing to participate in what ever way you can. Bravo!

The Queen of Brussels Sprouts said...

I freeze lots of meals: chili, breakfast casserole (both savory and sweet), lasagna, shepherd's pie, manicotti, enchilada casserole, chicken soup (just don't add in the noodles until AFTER you thaw it), chicken spaghetti, and a few more. About half of the recipes are on the blog. If you want different ones, let me know. Wish I could help!

Bird's Words said...

my dear friend walked through this a few years ago. She enjoyed books on CD, having her nails done (fingers and toes), and lots of talk. A good friend that is willing to sit and read or knit while they rest is beyond wonderful! There is such comfort in knowing someone is there when you need it, but doesn't require constant entertaining.

As for meals, she at lots of noodles (a favorite of hers anyway), and fruit smoothies. She found that heavy foods were harder to handle right after surgery. She did enjoy one casserol I made once she was feeling better. Chicken breasts boiled, then laid in bottom of dish, covered with mix of cream of chicken soup, chicken broth, sour cream. Then top with stuffing (already prepared). It can be prepared and frozen, then thawed and baked for 30 minutes at 350. very good!

I'll be praying for you as you minister to her. More than anything, she will be blessed by having friends with her. What a great reminder of how loved she is!!

Renata said...

I will be praying for her & you as well. I have frozen lasange or other past dishes ~ otherwise a casserole that can be put into the microwave is also good.
Have a wonderful weekend my friend

Amrita said...

Hi Kimmie, love from India

Beth said...

I have three books that I would recommend : Dream Dinners, The Everything Meals for a Month Cookbook, and Once-a-Month Cooking. I would be willing to email you a few of our favorites if you would like.

Kimmie said...

Hi Beth;

That would be awesome. Still feeling pretty clueless (and I spent 2 hours watching how to freeze meals on Youtube).

My friend's surgery is this morning...

thanks honey!


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