Dec 4, 2011

Prayer Request Sunday-Would YOU??

I would love to pray for you this week, but I have a request to make of you my praying friends. 
Would you, could you pray for my new friend Robin?
The last few posts have been about her and how we met.

God put it on my heart to take her Christmas shopping tomorrow night.  God arranged part of the details in getting her a message (the woman who works with her, well her husband came to church this morning and God told me to give him a note, so his wife could give it to Robin on Monday.)  I gave her my phone number and AM hoping and believing that she will say yes.  I am not sure if she considers me more than a nice stranger yet, I am hoping she is thinking of me as a friend.

You see, I want to introduce her to my family.  Every year I go shopping with two friends, one who happens to be my sister in love/best friend and the other is her factual actual sister.  They too love Jesus and they too would love to be in on some Kingdom business- so we are hoping to have Robin join us on our annual shopping event.  My thought being that if she meets Rachael and Beth, that she would begin to feel more comfortable.  Rachael and Beth (and their husbands) go to my church.

Also, we are having a Christmas special next Saturday and Sunday and I'd love to invite Robin and her husband.  If she knows me, Rae and Beth...then maybe she would come.  
I so want her and her husband to meet Jesus.  

God keeps opening gates to her heart...praying she is open and ready for Him to come in and establish His throne on her heart.  This morning He even had someone willing to do His bidding in getting her my note and phone number. 

Would you pray with me too?  
I am banking on God's is what He has told me..

Where two or more are gathered, there He is in our midst.
If we ask anything according to His will, He will do it. 

Matthew 18:20
For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

1 John 5:14-15
This is the confidence we have in approaching God: 
that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.
And if we know that he hears us,
whatever we ask, 
we know that we have what we asked of Him.

We thank you for this day and that you have put our hearts together in this place.  Thank you for each that comes, I pray that you would move in their lives and that You would show Yourself strong to them this week Lord God.  I pray too that as Your spirit leads, that we would willingly follow.

Lord, I thank you for my faith and for being able to believe that Your Holy Spirit is moving in Power in my new friend Robin's life.  I ask You Lord to open the eyes of her heart, that she would know you as her Lord and Saviour.  I pray that no weapon formed against her would prosper, that the enemy of her soul would be bound and that You alone would be revealed to her.  

I pray that you would give me opportunity to lead her to You, that I would be strengthened by You and given wisdom and power to do Your will.  Oh Father that she would understand that she is a sinner, that her heart would be repentant and she would be ready to confess you as Lord and Saviour of her life.  Father, I ask that You bring her to harvest.  Prepare her even now oh Lord God.

Glorify Yourself in me and Glorify Yourself in Robin.  We ask all of this in Jesus' Name amen.

Thank you friends...let's love her to Jesus!


Leslie said...

Kimmie, reading this post has brought tears to my eyes. You're such a Godly example of how we should be loving people to Christ. Your love for Robin shines through, and through that, God's love for her is also displayed. I pray that God will continue to use you in a mighty way, and that Robin and her husband will one day soon be our sister and brother in Christ.

Renata said...

Hi Kimmie
I'm praying for Robin & yourself~ you are such a light for the Lord. I love that about you!

Rebecca Ann said...

I am praying for you right now Kimmie! Praying that your new friend will be meet our Savior Jesus soon.

Please pray for me that I would not get stressed. I tend to get stressed whenever I have to do something that seems to be a big task, even a big task to me is driving somewhere. Pray that the Lord would give me peace as I go through each small trial each day knowing He alone can give me peace, not other person or psychological method of thinking. I know my God can move mountains to help me not be anxious about anything. Thank you! I am praying for you and your family Kimmie as well.

In Christ,

judy said...

dear kimmie--i have been praying for your new friend robin, too. i have a prayer request also. my son is in school and is really being attacked by the evil one. he has been prophesied over that he would become a nurse, but things are not falling into place as they should. discouragement and disappointment have overshadowed our whole family. he isscheduled to begin his last semester, but silly things keep happening as he takes his tests beforehand--like the keys were stuck on the school calculator, so he had wrong answers. could you pray for him and us as this is especially hard on me. haven't eaten or slept much over this. thank you. judy

Anonymous said...

Praying with you for Robin! Excited to see what the Lord will do!


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