Dec 11, 2011

What Is Christmas to You?

Do you have a moment?

I am wondering if you can share what Christmas means to you?
  Life is so busy, but my heart yearns to know what it is that you are celebrating this season.
What does your preparation look like?  Who do you celebrate with?  What is your favorite thing about Christmas.  


If you have a prayer request...I'd LOVE to pray with you this week. 
Let's open our hearts and let Him fill us.


Dardi said...

I have been reflecting on this very question. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle & bustle, & even the traditions we have known. While traditions bring about comfort & nostalgia, are they serving to glorify Him. Some, yes, some, no. I'm still processing. One thing I have been feeling a lot lately really hit when I was listening to Faith Hill's "A Baby Changes Everything". The Christ child really did change everything. I have a freedom that I would otherwise not know. Through that freedom, I am certain that my life looks drastically different than it might have, & I am thankful & celebrate that.

Prayer request: Waiting on test results for one of my children. Hoping the findings are minor & treatable. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

When our first child was but a toddler, we would drive around and look at the Christmas lights. We realized one night that she could point to and call out, "There's Santa. There's Snowman. There's Grinch...." on and on...but NO WHERE in our neighborhood was a chance for her to point and shout, "There's Baby Jesus!"

That made us realize that, in our home at least, the kids needed to literally "see" Christ as the focus of Christmas.

So, we try to have something in every "main" room that points us to Christ.

We also always try to make sure if we have nothing else in our yard, we have a Nativity out that maybe, just maybe, a kid driving by can point and shout, "There's Baby Jesus!"

Bird's Words said...

Ellie gave her heart to Christ last week. For us, Christmas has already come. IT's been a wonderful reminder of what this season is truly about. She has been asking questions about inviting jEsus into her heart for some time. LAst week, we watched a "Charlie Brown Christmas" together, and Linus told the Christmas story. Ellie said "that's what you read me in the bible mommy", and it all snowballed from there. It was beautiful, and has completely refocused my thinking this year on what is most important!

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