Dec 2, 2011

Wondering When?

To get this you need to have read:

Okay, I am nearly bursting at the seams...
God led me to some special gifts for my new friend Robin.  It was so fun to shop for her, just imagining her face as we bestow God's love on her. 

Funny, some people you know really well are hard to shop for- you can look and look and never be quite satisfied with what you've found for them.  However, I just knew in my heart what she'd like.  I knew what would bless her.  Isn't God cool!

I made it a priority to run errands on Wednesday, so I could offer her a ride home-instead of her taking the bus.  And Thursday, my kids have a Bible club they go to, right in the path my Box Girl takes to get to the bus stop.  So now we've gotten to know each other 3 times.  Time two she was very quiet, I thought I might be annoying her or that she would rather just take the bus.  BUT I know that satan is a liar and that he comes to steal, kill and destroy (God's plans) I pressed in past what seemed like a wall, trusting God to open her heart.

AND guess what!!

She let me take her for coffee (Starbucks!)  before I brought her home.  She was much more open and began to share her life with us (I had two kids in tow-my 17 year old and the 3 year old).   I found out she is 29 and began to get glimpses into her heart, through how God led our conversations.  Exciting stuff I tell you!

After we brought her home the three of us ran to a local shop and went Christmas shopping for her.  We located 3 things we wanted to bless her with.  I was so eager to just give them to her, I would have seriously drove back to her house and given them to her just then.  I so want to see her face and to see how God uses this to draw her to Himself.  (my Knight knew I was planning on doing this, he is much more of a generous giver than I have ever been. He encouraged me to go for it, as God led me.)

I instead used self control and decided that I should at least wrap her specially chosen gifts.  I also want to give her a Christmas card (a picture of us) with her gifts.  I am pondering when to give them.  Should I do it today.  Should I give them to her one at a time?  Should I wait closer until  Christmas?  

So hard.  What do you think?


Karen said...

Do it as soon as you like! Everyone loves presents. :-) And, in my experience, you never know how long you have until someone disappears for whatever reason (move, different job, etc.)

I want to give something to my kids' birth mom and I'm hoping that it comes in time that I can get it to her while she's still available. Once I had photos for her that I was going to keep for an occasion and I felt that I should definitely give them immediately...and it was the last time I saw her...until the next baby came along.

Jo's Corner said...

How exciting! To get a Minister to this new friend. I have NO doubt that she needs you in her life. I can't wait to see what wonderful things will come from this special relationship! Hugs ~ Jo

Kathy C. said...

Give them now : ) Then they'll maybe be her first present of the year.

Stacy said...

I say have them with you so that God can lead you to give them when He wants you to.... He'll make it clear! :)

LOVE this! I've been praying for your friendship with Robin!

Greta Jo said...

I am still praying for that type of friendship. I hope you are well :)
So many of my 'so called friends' have disappeared due to the 'new' baby, not having the time for them like I use to, and/or toxic friendships that needed to end.

How are you Kimmie?

Renata said...

Oh Kimmie ~ I've just read these posts about Robin & how exciting!!! I'm so glad you were brave & listened to the Spirit's prompting ~ I hope I do that too, but I don't know if I'd be as brave as you are. Thank you for sharing!

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