Jan 17, 2012

...but I am ...Only a Homeschooling Mama


I've got a cool God story to share with you today. 

This morning 2 guys showed up at my house to fix my water system.  The older guy who was the leader of this team, well his name was Mike.  The second man was just barely into his twenties I'd say, and didn't share his name.  Both men were super polite and smiley.  

I pointed them in the direction of the water filtration system and off they went.  Up and down the stairs they came, gathering more materials from their truck. My kitchen was filled with homeschooling children, the men took notice, but kept about their work.  

Then the younger man appeared, he was clutching his left hand and there was blood.  He quietly asked for a Band-aid.  I looked at him and said, "Hold on I will be right back."  I tipped my head over the stairs and asked what size Band-aid he might be needing."

He replied that a couple might be good.

I bolted upstairs, leaving him standing there with my younger children.  I came back with a package of Band-aids and told him he should wash it well first (hey, I am a mother!)

He said it would be fine, but he was a bit shaky. Which is funny, because it is usually me that is shaky when blood is the topic of conversation or is coming out for all  to see.

I pointed to the bathroom and grabbed him some paper towels.  As he washed his finger and began to dry it, I told him I was a Christian and asked him if I could pray for him.  

He shyly smiled, but nodded and added, "That might be a good idea."

We both bowed our heads in my bathroom, I laid my hand on his shoulder and called to the One who could stop the blood flow and let this sweet young man go on his day without a trip to the E.R.  My prayer sounded something like this:

I thank you for this day and that you are here with us. 

I thank you that you can seal up this finger and allow my friend to go forward with his days work.  Lord, I thank you that you are able.  I pray that you would bless this young man.  
In Jesus' name amen.

The Band-aid was rather bloody.  I asked him if he wanted me to take a closer look at it, to see if he might truly need some stitches.  He said if it didn't stop that he would go get it stitched up.  

I offered to take him right now, so his friend wouldn't have to stop their work plans.  
He smiled widely, but said, "Mike can take me if I need to go."  I think he smiled because he knew I was ready to grab the keys and take care of him.

I told him he could leave- my job wasn't so important now.

And that was that.

When he came back up I offered him some ibuprofen, but he said he had some in the truck.  He apologized for having a mishap so early in the morning.  I smiled and said he was more important than my water problem.

Some days I feel like my field of influence is so small.  Sometimes it feels like it doesn't even exist, but this morning the Holy Spirit allowed me to plant seeds in these two peoples lives.  Today God gave me Kingdom business right in the place where so much everyday routine happens.  Today He gave me the nudge to go beyond the band-aid to this young man's heart. 

Today I said yes and am so glad I did!

And i smiled real big just thinking about that.


Kathy C. said...

I think our mothering instinct carries over to all the ones young enough to still need mothering--even if they don't think they do.

Kim said...

Enjoyed this story. I too feel my sphere of influence is so small some days. Thanks for sharing and touching a young man's life today.

Annie Chase said...

See, Bandaids really do bring out the best in people :)

~The Bandad Collector~

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