Jan 30, 2012

This Mama's Heart

Hi Friends!
Would you like to hear a sweet story?

Last night as I was doing our normal Sunday night preparation for bedtime, my second oldest daughter, after listening to me tell the story to my youngest 4, shared this childhood memory. Tonight before the fireplace I had been reading The Princess and the Pea to my youngest four, with their older sibling gladly listening in.

Mama, I remember when you read this story to us.  I also remember that you told us you were a real Princess. Well, my younger sister and I decided to see if what you told us was actually true.  We whispered and came up with a secret little plan...

We snuck to the refrigerator in search of fresh peas, but there weren't any.  We looked desperately in the freezer, but not even one frozen pea to be had.  So we decided to try frozen corn.  We tiptoed up to your bed and carefully planted several pieces of frozen corn beneath your mattresses.  We didn't even giggle when you kissed us goodnight, knowing our plan was in place.  

In the morning we asked you how you slept.  
To our amazement, you responded that you had had an awful nights sleep.  

We were convinced you truly were a Princess.

We all had a good laugh. 
I never knew that they had done this. 
Of course now I am wondering what became of the corn,
whether they came to extract it from my mattresses or not.  

Then one young boy disappears from story time.  He is gone for a few minutes, I question  the others where he went.  He come back laughing. 

I say to said young 8 year old son, "What were you doing?"  

He replies with a sly look, "Well, I was putting a shoe in my sister's mattress (the 10 year old). 
I figured peas and corn just wouldn't work."

Just another day at our house. 
And for the record, I am a King's daughter.
My Father owns a cattle on a thousand hills
and is King of king's and Lord of lord's.


MommaMindy said...

Adorable story! They're right, you ARE a PRINCESS.

DeanO said...

Indeed, great story - AS one preacher says, my Father owns the hills and the cattle :)

Robin said...

So funny!

Renata said...

LOL ~ Oh I love it!! You are a beautiful princess indeed!

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