Jan 6, 2012

On Becoming A Teenager

Princess Sunshine:

She entered our life as a very broken 3 1/2 year old girl.  
She was so tiny, so fragile and so unsure of adults. 
She had been taken from the only life she knew by state officials, who came to be her parents,
until adoptive ones could be found for her.  

The Spirit of God came to us...
He called us to make her ours. 
We heard Him clearly- from youngest family member to oldest.  

We first met her without her knowing who we were.  We were allowed to take her in, without fear to enter into her heart.  We walked slowly, ever so slowly towards bringing her into our home.  Moving her from all she had know, brokenness, hurt and neglect...to a place where she could bloom into all she was created for.

She slowly allowed us to love her. 
She slowly, ever so slowly began to offer her heart to us.
love came, in bits and pieces.  Love came and showed us how to reach her.  Our girl has been like a present that was wrapped in many layers, the first layers were dirty and torn.  But with each new layer a new level of glory has been revealed to not only us, but to her as well.

God has a beautiful plan for her life.
He promises to bring her life and life with abundance. 
He knows the plans He has for her and they are not to harm her, but for her good.  

She has given her heart not only to her Papa and Mama, but to the One who formed her in the womb of another.  She has learned to trust Him.  

He surprised her with the arrival of healing for the deep places that were wounded within her, with her Ethiopian older sister.  Their love for each other was the touch of God that moved our sweet blond girl to wholeness.  They choose to spend most of their time together, their hearts are knit together in an amazing transforming kind of love way.  The kind of way that could only be orchestrated by God Himself, to which we are so grateful.  

Happy 13th birthday 'Siddy Dirl'
(when she arrived she had a pretty large speech problem-
which disappeared as we held her, loved her and pressed into God together-
Expecting His Goodness!)

God has amazing, wonderful, surprise filled plans for you 
sweet girl-
can't wait to see what surprises He has in store to bless you with.


Annie Chase said...

Happy Birthday!!! So glad I could spend some time with her and the rest of the family yesterday :)

rebecca's rainbow said...

I write this as I am wiping tears away. Wow! What a beautiful post and praise to God. I know what it is like to adopt a child. Our oldest is from another's womb and he is such a gift from our Heavenly Father. We have learned so many lessons as a result of adopting. Happy Birthday to your precious girl. There are so many blessings in the journey. Thanks for sharing your heart and story.
~ rebecca

Bird's Words said...

this is the story of redemption. Thank you for sharing!!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful post!

Kathy C. said...

God must have a pretty amazing plan for her.

I am so sad that FL will not allow us to be foster parents.

MommaMindy said...

I loved hearing this amazing story of your beautiful little girl. Your wisdom, patience and love are so encouraging. You love so deeply.

I know it isn't Sunday, but would you please pray for my friend, C. She has two adopted children and is having severe issues with the boy, and it's affecting the girl. Thank you!

mom said...

Kimmie, what a beautiful testimony your Princess Sunshine has been journeying through as she grows into her teen years. What a beautiful gift your love for her has been! And the neat part is that God gets all the glory! :-)

Tammy ~@~

"Indescribable" said...

You're a precious gift!

DeanO said...

As a native Alaskan adopted into a wonderful Christian family...Thanks

Expat Mom said...

I think she was only 8 when I first started reading your blog, how crazy is that?! Your daughter has grown up into a beautiful young woman . . . just the photos show someone that I would enjoy talking to and getting to know. Happy late birthday!

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