Jan 29, 2012

Prayer Request Sunday...

Hello sweet friends...how was your week?
  I certainly hope it was better than mine, as I have been battling a stomach virus.  
Praise God, only two of us have gotten it...out of ten, that is nothing but the touch of God!

Any burdens you want to lift to our Father together this week?

Much to share this coming week...please stop by again and we will catch up.

Much love!


Kathy C. said...

Hope everyone is well soon.

MommaMindy said...

I have been praying for you this week, forgot what day it was but early in the morning, Wednesday or Thursday, you were deeply on my heart and I prayed for you and your family.

Thank you for being faithful to the Lord, Kimmie, you are such an encouragement to me.

Please pray for the sentencing of the Innocent Man Feb. 23rd. We'd love mercy, the maximum is 60 years. Thanks!

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