Jan 1, 2012

Something that struck me as I was up to my elbows in sudsy dishwater. 
You never know who your life is going to influence.  
You never are sure who is watching you and taking your life in.

  Which got me to thinking that we need to be intentional in our living.  We need to not be time wasters or unintentional people.  We need to wake up and realize that there are people to influence for God's Kingdom.  Our lives have the ability to even do so without words, just by how we choose to live and what we do with our time.  

Kinda scary, but totally cool.  

I want to influence those God sets in my path for Him.  I desire that my life is lived in a way that it draws others to wonder what it is that I have that they don't.  I hope that God gives me opportunities this year to lead others to Him.  My being a Christian is something powerful, something that should draw others.  We aren't called to draw out darkness, but just to live as the light.

364 days left in the New Year...
hoping to make great use of each of them!  
Want to join me?


Sarah said...

Joining you and believing for abundant victories and lavish love for this year. This is also the year that we will be bringing children in our home ... through foster care .. touching lives for His glory.

Be blessed bunches,

Annie Chase said...

you inspired me to start reading the Bible chronologically this year. Last time I read through the Bible it took me three years. But I am SO excited to do it chronologically this time and am dedicated to finishing it in a year. Can't wait to talk with you more on thursday!

Emily said...

That's what I want to do this year, too. Live intentionally and make this time we are blessed with count. It goes so fast.

I haven't had the heart or time to write much on my blog lately. Please do pray for an unspoken prayer request.

Thank you!
God bless you in the coming year!

DeanO said...

What an awesome challenge! You've touched my life already with a little glow from the Heavenly Father!

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