Jan 26, 2012

                Wondering if any of you my friends and readers are into couponing.  Everyone who bumps into me tells me that I should jump in and become a couponing girl.  As I mainly shop in Sam's Club (versus a normal grocery store-well for the past 5 or so years)...I am not sure about coupons anymore.

Anyone feeling like they want to pass me some beginning tips-that would fast pace me to couponing genius?

I'd love to hear from you on this, come on don't be shy all of those of you who are normally so quiet!  There is hidden talent awaiting to surface and be shared...won't you? 

  I'd love to get groceries for virtually free...
but where is a Mama to begin?


MommaMindy said...

For years, I was the coupon queen. I had a plastic shoebox FULL and I would spend hours sorting, filing, cutting, shopping. Since the grocery stores in the midwest doubled coupons, I saved A LOT of money. In the PNW, they don't double coupons. Plus, I have changed my eating habits so greatly, the majority of the items might go on sale, but never have coupons.

I started to go online for coupons when I am going to buy something specific, or shop at a specific store. I never go to Michael's, Joanne's or the Christian Bookstore without a coupon!

Leslie said...

I used to coupon a bit, but never seriously. Now, I do most of my shopping at Costco and through a wholesaler Azure Standard; so my grocery couponing is virtually nonexistent now. When I'm doing any online shopping, I always do a quick google search to find a coupon before checking out, but that's about it anymore.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine coupons like crazy. She's one of those who will get 300 dollars of food for 15 bucks. She confessed that there are pitfalls. The two biggies are:

1. It takes several hours a day to clip, search, organize, sort, computer, and then there is the trip to the grocery for several hours once per week, etc...

2. She gets tired of having 40 boxes of the same kind of strange granola bar, even though she got it for free. She ends up donating much of her stash to a food pantry because WHO can use 30 jars of mayo before the expiration date??

I guess you have to think of how valuable your time is to you, how much storage you have, how willing you are to eat the things you typically get for free (most are heavily preservative laden "packaged" foods), how much time do you want to take at the stores, and how willing you are to tend the giant stash by rotating the expiration dates.

I personally clip a coupon when it is something I always buy, or if it is already a "freebie". I'd rather spend my time doing other things that are priceless to me.

I think there should be women who pool together at a church as a ministry to those less fortunate. Imagine what those coupon talents could do as a group and how many less fortunate mouths they could feed!


Kimmie said...


Thanks so much. I was thinking it was impossible really for me to do that much savings, as I just don't have the extra hours every day (or week) to do the research/coupon gathering.

Thankfully God is my provision, so much better than coupons.

A few coupons here and there are to be used when needed, but the dream of virtual free groceries is out the window.

thank you for your nice comment and your time!


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