Jan 21, 2012

Your Best Quality/Characteristic?

I am reading The True Measure of a Woman by Lisa Bevere, which a friend kindly passed on to me yesterday.  As I lay in front of my fireplace long after all children disappeared into their beds, I came across these questions that left me wondering.

1. What do you consider the most valuable quality about you?

2.  What is your most unique characteristic?

I suddenly froze up mentally and couldn't come up with anything.  My Knight sat in a chair a few feet away, busy in his own reading, so I decided to not interrupt this precious quiet time he was enjoying.  However, I sat before the Lord asking Him what the answers could be.  I haven't heard anything yet, but wonder if answering these questions come easily to you?


Karen said...

I have a horrible time with questions like that. No idea...maybe it's the "don't be proud" ethic?

Rob said...

Hi Kimmie, When I was young I remember someone pointing out to me that Self praise is no recommendation so like you I will leave others to decide what my best quality is. I know what I would like it to be but alas I fear I am a dismal failure in that respect so instead I wake each morn and simply pray that I hurt nor offend anyone this day.

mom said...

It's interesting because this fall my husband and I did an activity about character qualities for a study he was doing. He had to go through a list of different qualities and circle ones that he thought I had and I had to go through a list and circle different qualities I thought he had. We also had to do it for ourselves. It was fascinating for each of us to see what the other one circled since it was so different than how we see ourselves!

Guess the only one who really matters is God who sees our heart and will continue to mold us to be more like Him :-)


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