Feb 3, 2012

Desire for a Prophetic Word?

Deep within me is crying out for God's voice. 
Way down deep, my soul longs for a word,
a Rhema word from Him. 

My church used to have a mid week service where I could receive prayer.  Many times God would speak to me through the prayer minister.  Honestly, as a prayer junkie, I wasn't going up for prayer to receive a prophetic word from God, but just to press into Him more.

So this morning I asked Him why I have this gnawing about a word from Him.  Is it that the prayer option at my church has closed or is it because He is preparing my heart to hear His? Perhaps He is anointing me to hear Him more clearly amidst the noise of each day.

I don't need someone else to speak to me from God,
I have the relationship with Him where He can speak to me any time He wants (and often does). 
However, He uses people to confirm what He is already speaking (or spoken) to our hearts.

The best way I know of receiving a word from the Lord is seeking Him. 
It is by immersing yourself in His Word (the Bible) and humbling yourself before Him.  

He wants us to come to Him.  

He beacons us to Come, especially when we are weary.  A word from Him will satisfy your soul like no other will. Lock on to Him, cling to Him, seek Him, fill yourself with Scripture, fall before Him in worship, song and prayer and see if He doesn't show up.

I am asking Him for ears to hear and a heart that will understand what He speaks; so I can follow through with what direction He is wanting to give to me. Let us draw close to Him and wait on Him.  I could use to be refreshed, I am weary from the road He has called me to.  My road is good, it is blessed, but it is hard work and I am feeling rather empty.  

Oh come Holy Spirit and refill me, speak to me, lead me, 
and Lord help me to hold it in my heart and mind.

I promise it will be well worth the wait.


Karen said...

You put into words what I was feeling this morning but couldn't put into words myself... And when you're praying, could you join me in praying for my cousins who just took in a 12-year-old foster/adopt daughter this week...lots of adjustments...

Anonymous said...

I love your words here.
You know, there is a movement going about that says you must be "quiet before the Lord" in order to hear His voice, lest you miss it entirely. Hogwash! The One Who sees all, calms every storm, roars like a lion, gives a still small voice... can be heard in a typhoon if He needs to speak to us. His speaking is not dependent on our ability to be quiet. In fact, the opposite is almost more correct. Stay busy doing the very things He has asked us to do. Love your neighbors. Stop "examining our navels" to no end and occupy our time until His marvelous appearing!! He will interrupt sovreignly and with perfect timing regardless of how quiet we are. Seek time with Him and His Word, but then come out of that Daniel closet and seek Him whilst serving Him. A still servant is not a servant still.

God bless you as you listen for Him while you go about your beautiful, grace-filled life, dear sister! Your mission field is right before your eyes!

Kimmie said...

:-) Thank you Kate for your wisdom and encouragement. It did my soul well.


Renata said...


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