Feb 13, 2012

Love Wishes and the Joy of Bubble Wrap!

Have a happy day.  Hope yours oozes
 with love and sugar and perhaps a bite of chocolate too.  

My day looks rather busy.  I am taking a friend who is a recent widow on a walk in the woods with my children instead of our regular homeschooling schedule (which personally I am sick of and need a break from!)...
we are going to leave some marshmallows and other tasty treats
 for my 3 gone back to the wild baby raccoons. 

 (Betty can't believe i am still feeding them. But I can't get their little faces out of my head, as they rolled the marshmallows over their little fingers with glee before they started nibbling on them. Funny, now she is saving up snacks for them too.  Can't wait until she gets to see where they live. Alas though we will be awake, they will be sleeping somewhere out of sight.  If only they knew it was a day dedicated to sugar, surely they'd show face.)

Then going to visit one of my dearest friends in the hospital, he is having back surgery in the morning and I am going to hang out with his wife Beth.  We are praying this is the solution to the horrid pain he has been having for months.  Please pray for Brent!!  He is the friend I prayed for for 25 years, last year God allowed me to lead him to the Lord (say Halleluiah!!)

Then back later in the day to eat the very red cupcakes we made tonight.  Oh how my children love that sickening sweet frosting.  
 I found mine marked down to 25 cents a can after July 4th at Aldi's.  
And because there is nothing natural in it AT ALL, it literally lasts forever.  I have enough red and blue frosting hoarded up in our pantry for years to come!  

Planning on a nail painting festival here late in the day with my daughters.  Figure they would all like some spa treatment, not sure my oldest will be able to play spa with us, she is busy at college these days and getting ready for a trip with JoJo's mom to Seattle this weekend. My Baby is growing up, sniff-sniff.

Now to share these precious photos
 of our Bubblewrap Princess...

Hope your day is filled with JOY unspeakable!


DeanO said...

One more precious soul saved. To God be the glory!

Rob said...

Hi Kimmie, I don't know if you know or not but bubble wrap was originally invented as a wall covering but failed in that respect so was then marketed as greenhouse insulation before becoming used as packaging for delicate items. I hope you had a nice trip to the woods.

Shanniel Shakespeare said...

LOL.ok Rob, I know u asked Kimmie but I never knew that. Personally I love to learn, you never know when info like this may be useful.. Thanks

Expat Mom said...

My kids have that same expression when they get hold of bubble wrap. What a sweetie!

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