Feb 22, 2012

One of our Beauties

 What a transformation this one has had, from catatonic to peace filled. 

We are amazed how God took this broken little 3 year old and transformed her into a kind-hearted, helpful, sensitive, loving young lady.  It seems like just yesterday that she became part of our family.  That she had her first sleep-over to help her transition from foster care into our family.  

Brokenness is something that God does wonders with.  He takes it and holds it close to His heart.  He picks it up and shapes it ever so lovingly and gently back into the creation He intended it to be.  Oh how in awe of His transforming power we are.

Miss Sunshine you are a beauty both inside and out!  
May God hold you in the palm of His hand 
and may you bring Him joy as you continue
 to follow Him into all of your tomorrows.


Sarah said...

We are starting our foster care journey ... an adventure awaits as we fling home open wide to welcome the little ones in His name.

Be blessed bunches,

Patches of Thyme said...

What a beautiful girl!! She is such a good story of the foster care world. Unfortunately it is such a broken system, I rejoice every time I see stories like this. It just is not that easy to do though . Blessings to your family

DeanO said...

Wonderful - to God be the glory

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