Feb 5, 2012

Prayer Request Sunday...Hello?

SO, feeling a bit like I am talking to myself here these days,
though I see many stop by. 

Does anyone want prayer for anything?  It doesn't have to be a life or death situation, really it doesn't.  It could be something as easy as I really would like some encouragement this week, or I'm really feeling lonely I'd like God to meet me in this situation or I haven't had a minute to repack up the Christmas stuff- I'd love for God to help me find the time to get it off my to-do-list this week.  


How about each of us tries to take a few minutes 
to lift up someone we know...
we don't even have to know them that well.  

What do you think if we send some real mail (not email, something tangible to hold and cling to)...with a note of encouragement.  We could just say something that we admire about that person, or that we are praying for them this week, or that they are on your heart.  Maybe you could let me know you are going to do this (so I won't feel like I am talking to myself here)...

maybe we could even go so far as to name that person we are thinking of.  

Guess what, if you do that I will PRAY that they are blessed beyond the simple gesture of love and kindness that you offer.  I'll ask God to come for both you.

Any takers?

My person will be a woman I recently met named Sarah.

*and I've heard that talking to yourself is healthy...
so guess I am feeling MIGHTY healthy the last few weeks.


Leslie said...

I would definitely like prayer. I need God's guidance and direction about adoption. I used to feel like we were supposed to adopt, but now I just don't feel led one way or the other. I'm moving forward with the paperwork, just in case, but I need a clear yes or no.

Anonymous said...

Hi! First wanted to say you are doing good here!! Even if it seems like you are talking to yourself, you are changing lives. I always come here for an uplifting thought or prayer (not that you can't be totally real too).
My struggle is one I have asked for prayer before - my dad committed suicide in August. I find that the things that where my underbelly before - rejection, abandonment - are only amplified now. My self - confidence and self - worth had been eroded. My dad was my strongest cheerleader. The fact that he would choose to leave me, especially while living with us, has been hard. I miss him terribly. My relationship with the Lord is strong but I think has also been shaken a little. I miss Him too. Even though, I know he is right here!! Sometimes the curtains of grief are just so heavy I cannot feel Him.

Love the idea of handwritten notes and encouragment. Definitely something we all Need!


Kimmie said...

Dear Natalie;

Please go to my sidebar and email me privately...I'll be waiting.


The Queen of Brussels Sprouts said...

Please pray for our soldiers, especially the ones who have just returned home. What most civilians don't realize is that often the war isn't over when they return. They fight a battle within, just trying to find normal again. A close friend is in the trenches of this battle with her hubs who just returned. All I know to do for them is pray.

"Indescribable" said...

Hi Kimmie, we leave early on Wednesday for China. Could you pray for our travels? Specifically for health and flexibility, and that our son's heart is ready for this big change in his life.
Thank you.
Love, Maria

Anonymous said...

Would you pray my husband gets the much needed job transfer that is just around the bend? There are many reasons we need this job transfer. We need to downsize and pay off terrible medical debt, need to get out of a house that has a creepyness to it that is definitely not of God (we found out the previous owner was very disturbed and we have prayed over this house SO many times to no avail as the evil, creepy things keep happening like slamming doors, pushing, pulling, anger, faces appearing in photos and other evil things), and there has been nothing but trials, stress, mayhem, surgeries, accidents, fighting, auto and home system breakdowns, etc... in our family since transferring here.

Our job transfer should happen just as soon as an opening comes available, God willing. Please pray for peace and God's Spirit to fill our home and lives. It really feels as if we are under constant attack. The strange thing is that everyone at our church is under similar attack to the point where our church is getting together to pray for and over each other. Scary stuff. Our church has been reaching out to the unsaved and also a few cults and their community as well in hopes of sharing the love of Jesus with them.
Thanks, Kimmie. I usually don't like to open up, and I tend to keep my prayers and requests only "pointed upward" and not so public, but we really could use some prayer from a warrior like you!
God bless you,

Renata said...

Hi Kimmie
I'm so sorry I've been so terrible with bloging lately ( I'm alright at the posting, but as for reading I've been terrible). We have so much going on at the moment ~ would you please lift us up to the Lord? I'll have to send you an email one of these days & tell you what's been going on ... just know you'll understand at least part of it.
Have a wonderful day & I'll try & be a better blog friend!
Renata :)

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