Feb 4, 2012

Thoughts on our Children

God has been speaking to me in small ways, as I read through the Psalms again.  
He has made me slow down and think on the Word- beginning to open it up before my eyes to see how applying it accurately will make a difference in struggles with training my children.

Here is what I am chewing on:

Psalm 17:8

Receiving a gift (insert child's name) is like getting
a rare gemstone (something precious and to be greatly valued/treasured);
any way you look at it (him or her),
you see beauty refracted (Light shining from within-blazing its way out into the world).

Which then reminds me of this verse I have tucked away...

Psalm 127: 3
Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him. 

Some seasons of parenting require more prayer and wisdom from God.  Hope this encourages your heart today.  A new understanding can lift a burden that has become heavy to a weary parent's heart.

1 comment:

Renata said...

Yes ~ I needed to read this today. We've only just begun back at school, but let's just say today was one of those days I'm going to forget with a certain young lady...
You are a blessing Kimmie

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