Mar 29, 2012

Engaged ;-) and Waiting on God

Last April JoJo came home for 10 days.  We took a zillion pictures. 
Way back then in April 2011, I never expected that my courting daughter 
would be having a spring wedding this year.

We are excited and can't believe how much God cares about wedding details.

But that shouldn't surprise us because we live knowing that He loves us, that He desires relationship...
REAL-a-tion-ship with us. 

 In order to have a relationship you need to have fellowship with one another.
He keeps showing me how faithful He is.  Every time worry pops up, He instead replaces it with a touch from Him.  My sleep has been deep and good, no more waking up in the middle of the night stuck thinking about whether we need salt and pepper on 25 tables or not.  (really)

to the faithful God is faithful...
to those who honor Him, He honors.

how true, HOW TRUE!


Julie said...

What an exciting time for your family! Congratulations!

Rob said...

These must be exciting times for you. They look a nice couple.

Anonymous said...

Just a quickie....I just saw this and I thought of you and your photography plus photo editing...

Anonymous said...

I went back to that blog using the address I gave you in the previous comment. Lo, it looked like the post was gone. But if you click on the word "Home" it reverts to March again, and we're talking about the March 28 entry. Sorry for the confusion. Enjoy.

Adina said...

It's so humbling to see how much He cares about the little details.

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