Mar 26, 2012

Video field trips for your homeschool!

Little Miss Mercy and I found a wonderful site online that is called, 

We had a sparkling little video adventure tonight to both Peru and London, England
...maybe you can too?

Maybe tomorrow we will find ourselves traveling to Costa Rica, Mexico, France and perhaps a U.S.A destination too.  Pick your favorite field trip and allow two sweet children to whisk you away to a land that they will share with you, as they discover it for themselves!

And if you are feeling like I am as the homeschooling mama, you will be happy for the change in a normal school day.  

Bring on the field trips...especially on a cold and windy rainy day!


Karen said...

Awesome! I need to introduce these to my kids (even though we don't homeschool).

Julie said...

What a great idea!

Expat Mom said...

Sounds like fun! Course, I would love to ACTUALLY take my kids to other countries, but until that's possible, videos sound like a great idea. Especially right now as we are getting back into the swing of school after the baby.

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