Mar 19, 2012

Wedding Stuff (if you are interested)

We saw this sign on vacation and I just thought it was the perfect threat
...unless you are talking about my family, to which we would say- "Awesome!"

Speaking about my family here is what is up with our May wedding...

Day one of looking for the bride's dress...


 after looking in several bridal shops and coming up with nothing that made us dance...
well, my girl and I ventured to a local thrift shop
 found a beautiful dress that had been donated...
my girl looks beautiful and it cost all of $69.99. 
 Made in America and no sweatshops were involved.

Yup, really.

And I will say that I am proud of my girl caring more about justice than about the dress. And I would say that her dress is far prettier and better made than any others that we saw.

blessing number two...
 the photographer is giving my girl his services, as his gift to her. And he is an awesome photographer with an amazing gift of capturing beauty. He and his wife make you feel so comfortable, loved and natural in the process. (that is a true gift in itself!)  We love them too!

blessing number 3...

my Knight took our girl to a printer last week, one he has used professionally for many years.  She created a simple invite herself (which is beautiful and perfect). 

My Knight stopped by last Friday to pick them up and *Larry* gave them to my daughter as his wedding gift to her. (no, he never met her before and just felt moved to bless her).  Over $300 dollars worth of invitations, envelopes and response cards...seriously a small printer who probably is struggling in this market currently.  My Knight told him it wasn't necessary, but he insisted and said it was because my guy was such a nice guy.

Can anyone see God's hand here and favor being poured out?

I can't wait to share more of what God does along the next 67 days until the BIG DAY!

We are keeping it to a simple outside ceremony, at my mama's house in the country,
God is one who is true to His Word.

 Maybe you've read this...

2 Samuel 2:30 (b)
...those who honor me I will honor...

and how thankful we are
 and how we want to testify to His goodness!


mom said...

Love it all, Kimmie!

Tammy ~@~

Leslie said...

I love how God's hand is so evident. What a blessing for her and your whole family.

Renata said...

Oh Kimmie ~ How very exciting!!! I look forward to seeing the pictures ( please, please post :)
Thinking of you often. So thankful for your friendship & thanks for your beautiful comments ~ they really brighten my day!
Love to you

Christina said...

Hi Kimmie; I decided to drop in and see what was new with your family; it always blesses me. The title of your blog caught my eye this time and the Lord asked me to share Psalm 8 with you. I had the sense of you having a unique perspective on his wonders as you view his creation from "over the moon". Be blessed, Christina

Expat Mom said...

Too cool! I can only imagine the excitement around there with all the wedding plans. :D

KatelynWaite said...

Larry is an awesome guy! He gave us our wedding invitations as well, how cool :0)

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