Apr 12, 2012

Just a Moment...Squeezed Blogging

Time keeps slipping away.

Days pass. 


Wedding plans slowly being chipped away. 
 Sleep is deep and good after very full days.  However this Mama has been so very, very tired!

In the midst of it all I have decided to change things a bit in my life.  Suddenly it dawned on me that I have not been *feeding* me properly.  Back before children (BBC...not the British t.v. channels) I was told by the hospital staff (after several episodes of blacking out) that I indeed had hypoglycemia.  I failed the 6 hour glucose test (or maybe they thought I passed?).  Anyway after meeting with a dietitian, I was informed that I needed to carefully watch my diet 

 SOMEHOW, I forgot this in the midst of motherhood and homeschooling.

But it dawned on me, after severe exhaustion (which might be explained also by my inability to take my thyroid medication regularly-hypothyroidism).  As I began to think why I was so tired, actually tired doesn't even fit the bill here, it came to me that way back when I was told to change my eating ways. My thyroid medication never really made me feel 100%, but now I know it was because instead of eating correctly to my bodies needs, that I had leaned way to heavily on carbohydrates for my energy.

what I should be eating/doing:

*6 small meals a day.
*avoid sugars (yes, this I do.) (Unless I am sick and then I add honey to my tea).
*avoid caffeine (miserable fail- I love strong coffee)
*up my protein (also a miserable fail.  I am a vegetarian by choice...meat never sat right with me.  Anyhow, though I eat tofu, dairy and eggs...some days...many days...most days....somehow I don't.

honestly, most days I find myself so busy that it is dinner 
and I realize I haven't eaten.

So I stumbled across a low carb diet plan (Atkins if you want to know) and have kicked out carbs from my intake.  And let me tell you, I feel a zillion times better!  I have also upped my protein (whey added to a smoothie yesterday, hard boiled eggs (thanks to Easter), cheese (which I love)...also a new case of tofu (YUM!...except I need to fight 6 of my children for it...they say YUM too!)

I am not doing it for weight loss.  Though that is why most people choose Atkins, the Zone or South Beach Diets.  I am doing it to regain my strength and energy.  I am SICK of being tired and feeling lousy.

My family is cheering me on and my kids are reading labels to tell me about the carb count and how many hidden sugars are in things we eat.  

The only sad part is I have had to temporarily say good-bye to my dear friend balsamic vinegar.  Turns out she really isn't much of a friend, but much trouble to my body function. 
 She is high in carbs and sugars, drats!  She was my dressing of choice daily for my salads.  

Much to learn, but boy can one find lots of help online (love that Kindle Fire my husband got me! The Pulse feature keeps me enthralled and educated.)

Other sad news, my favorite Presidential hopeful stepped out of the race.  
 Rick Santorum. 
 Oh how I love that man and his heart. 

 Still praying that though he won't be elected as our next President, that he might team up with another candidate and become Vice President? 

Thanks for stopping by to catch up with us.  Have a wonderful day and I'd love to hear from you too!



Sarah said...

Diagnosed with the same icky on the mission field. I understand. And yes, Atkins helped tremendously. I also began taking some supplements as the Lord led and can now accidentally skip a meal, completely healed.

Praying with you for the same VP ... a wonderful candidate and so glad he made it thus far ... our nation is full of such promise and hope for the future.

Happy day,

Emily said...

Glad you're doing better health-wise! Yay for Atkins! It's hard to eat right sometimes when you're in the middle of life!

I am also bummed about Santorum dropping out, but glad he's thinking about his family first. He really is a great guy!

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time remembering to keep my protien intake up as well. My favorite hit of protien on a busy momma day is almonds. One handful of almonds will keep me going for quite a long time.

As for Rick Santorum, I was saddened as well, both because he dropped out, and because of the health of his little one. But, proud that he put family first...

mom said...

You are a wise mama! Yes, take care of yourself so you can take care of all the others who love and depend upon you!



Renata said...

Hi Kimmie
I am glad you are taking care of yourself. I wouldn't survive that long without eating (seriously if I'm late with breakfast I am such a mess). I hope all the preparations are progressing well! Enjoy this special time!

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