Apr 22, 2012

Prayer Request Sunday

Can I pray for you? 

Anything you need help lifting to God? 

 Leave me a note and we can join hearts towards God's throne!


Karen said...

Praising God that we survived something new this weekend! Last minute respite for a 12-year-old foster daughter of a friend...went well...as expected, since it was only 2 days. Maybe we're starting something new...doing a 3 hour respite again next weekend for another friend's daughter...

Kimmie said...

Hi Karen;

That is awesome! I bet it was so helpful to your friend. I had a friend that I used to do respite for ...she only took babies, so it was a little baby fix for us each time. We don't have our respite (or foster care) license anymore.

Have fun with your respite care. Plant seeds my friend, plant seeds!


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