Apr 29, 2012

Prayer Request Sunday...really!

Sneaking in at day's end.  Would anyone like prayer? 
 Does anyone 

I hope you won't be shy...I'd love to pray and seek for an answer from God with you.


BJ said...

Thanks for being willing to pray on behalf of your God-family. My husband and I are in financial stress right now, and we really need a sale of our house. It has been on the market since September. There has been plenty of interest, but no one has committed yet. I really would like to specifically ask for a sale by the end of this week. Of course, I realize that God is ultimately in control, and my timing is not always His, but He also said we have not because we ask not. So specifically we are asking to sell our house by the week's end. Thank you.

How are the wedding plans coming along?

Kimmie said...

Will be praying and asking with you!
God is able!

The plans are a-coming! We are getting down to less than 30 days!


Karen said...

I sent you an email. :-)

Anonymous said...

for a daughter who has back sliddin to reconnect (rededicate her life to God) who has a baby, the father is an abuser, custody hearing soon, he cheated on her married someone else, got wife pregnant doent know this kid. Guy needs salvation too.

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