Apr 17, 2012

Something to hold...Prayer

The very act of prayer is a blessing.  To pray is, as it were, to bathe in a cool, swirling stream and so to escape from the heat of earth's summer sun.  To pray is to mount on eagles' wings above the cloud and get into the clear heaven where God dwells.  To pray is to enter the treasure-house of God and to gather riches out of an inexhaustible storehouse.  To pray is to grasp heaven in one's arms, to embrace the Deity within one's soul, and to feel one's body made a temple of the Holy Spirit.

Apart from the answer, prayer in itself is a blessing.  To pray, my friends, is to cat off your burdens.  it is to tear away your rags; it is to shake off your diseases; it is to be filled with spiritual vigor;  it is to reach the highest point of Christian health.  God grant us to be much in the holy art of arguing with Him in prayer.

a selection from:

Charles Spurgeon
chapter 3
Order and Argument in Prayer

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