Apr 18, 2012

Style Question for You

As a mother of 8, I was thinking the other day
(actually I was multitasking and doing two things at once)
...when it came to me that maybe one day~

 that a cat hair covered sofa might just be the rage.

Do you think? 

 Cuz if you do, maybe I won't feel so guilty that our red couches
 are looking a rather cattish shade of grey.


 Wish there was more time in the day...seems I am falling behind in so many areas 
(we won't mention blogging too...)
 but it seems crazier than normal in my parts.


Karen said...

The end of the school year always brings a bit more craziness for us (but we don't homeschool so I don't know how it compares)...field trips, field day, kids getting tired of studying....

Bird's Words said...

Hey... you're parenting 8, homeschooling, planning a wedding, being a wife...among many other things I have no idea about. Those couches will wait! (At least that's what I tell myself when my red couch starts to look that way:) )

Praying for you in this season!

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