May 31, 2012

And the Bride Wore White

This is the picture taken in the dressing room the night we found THE DRESS. The bride to be is holding up said dress, as it was a tad larger than needed at that moment.

This dress is a tale unto itself that will have to wait.

Dropping in to fill you in...
no pictures yet.

The wedding was beautiful.  
The weather ordered straight from heaven. 
 The bride beamed all day, we never knew she could smile that much. 
The groom was handsome and eager for his girl to become his wife.

Everything was perfect and I am amazed at how in a few short months we managed to put together such an amazing celebration of love, in the form of a wedding.  Two young adults who waited for the one..
two who never dated, but served God and expected that in due time the one would come.

and her Mama and Papa smiled big too.

We had a wonderful day, a day that seemed like it was so far off, but in reality came so very quickly.
We are so happy for them and thankful for the fact that God blessed our daughter so greatly in her JoJo 
 (and with his family).  This mama snapped a few shots the evening of the rehearsal, but the rest will come from our friends the photographers, as this mama just didn't have camera time that day.

However, we are exhausted. 

 I think it is emotional exhaustion, I find myself crying at odd moments.  Sometimes happy and blessed get mixed with sad.  Our parenting days went by so fast and Saturday we took our hands off our daughter and allowed her to fly on her own. 

 I am a mother after all, and letting go was a big thing to this small heart.

As she stepped out onto the balcony to make her way down the stairs to her groom, it dawned on me how much this tiny platform to the garden was like a nest and how bird-like she had become in these past few months.  She was ready to fly.  I am not sure I was ready, nor her father, but God said it was time.

I am not sure I am doing justice to my mother's heart.  We know we haven't lost a daughter, but instead have gained a son, but still the ache beats strong in my heart and mind. 

My daughter is beautiful. 
We spent years training her in the way she was to go and this day she was ready to go.
  She is a woman and now a wife.
She is filled with love and joy unspeakable (as is her Knight).
 How quickly time goes by and how quickly you arrive at release time.  

Taking some time to rest and reflect. 
 Gathering up my heart and placing it into Jesus' hands.
  Asking God to help me and my Knight with this transition in our home (and hearts). 
Believing He has good things coming.

I do think my girl was the prettiest bride to come.

*these picture are pre-alteration (or pre-altar, hee-hee) 
 Snapped in the tiny dressing room.
 Stop by in a wee bit and you will get real photos of the gorgeous bride!


Stacy said...


(((hugs to you, friend-- for that sorrow mingled with joy)))

Expat Mom said...

Can't wait to see the photos! I am a long way from marriage days, but I can imagine how you must feel. It's a huge step and one that I doubt many parents are ready for so soon. Hugs!

Kathy C. said...


mom said...

{{Kimmie}} YOU SURVIVED! Ah, yes, the exhaustion after the wedding. Relax, remember, and savor. Life will soon return to normal ;-)

Tammy ~@~

Karen said...

Will be looking forward to more pics! :-)

mom of 3, hater of cheese and birds said...

Our move to Hungary kept me busy and off my computer but WOW what a wonderful season it seems like it's been for your family! Congrats on the new son-in-law. Your daughter is beautiful! Sending prayers from Hungary!

Adina said...

What bittersweet joy!

Martie said...

Congratulations, Kimmy. I have been out of the blog world and just now am being able to get back to all my blogs that I used to read. I can not believe that your daughter is married. How wonderful. I will be praying for you as you get used to this new role in your life. Congratulations!

Renata said...

I was praying the other weekend when she was getting married ~ for you & her :)
So glad it all went well ~ the dress looks gorgeous & she looks just beautiful!
Looking forward to the photos!
Love to you
Renata :)

Our Red House said...

All I can say is "Wow!" Your daughter is gorgeous and I am so glad that she is now married to her knight. It sounds like a truly wonderful, joyous occasion. Congratulations to you all from your Australian friend,


Robin said...

Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see the pictures.

Rob said...

Very pretty.

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