May 24, 2012

Laugh Worthy

Here I sit after a long day.  My Knight had an equally long hard day.  We are hours away from our first born daughter's big day...and our first wedding.  We are trying to unwind after attending to many untied ends and I picked up the newspaper to aid my unwind along.  So glad I did, because I found myself laughing out loud.

Let me share with you...

in the classified ads (yes, I read them even if I don't need a thing, just another quirky little bit about me).

Heading: Camping & Supplies
Camping tent
Needs poles, ropes, stakes free stove 2 cots and advice.

I nearly bust a gut.  Basically this person has a large canvas.  I don't know if the tent is free or the stove, as the commas were missing after the ropes.  But 2 cots and perhaps a psychiatrist in waiting is available.

Let me know if you want the phone number, I have it if necessary.

Thinking what we could do with a large tent canvas, stove, two cots and a therapist of sorts.  I really should call, because how often do you get an offer for free advice?

Tomorrow is the big pre-day to the wedding.  It all is coming so fast.  My Knight says we better not blink or we just might miss it.  Thinking he's right and that I better be off to a good night's sleep.  I'd love a kind word from you...come on all you who read but don't comment.


mom said...

I hope you sleep well, Kimmie, and don't let your mind start wandering over all those little details that need to be taken care of as soon as the sun rises! It is an exhausting time, yet a wonderful time, too! Enjoy every moment! Smile! Hug! Rejoice!

Tammy ~@~

Marisa said...

I think we could all use a little advice. Thanks for the food laugh.

Holly Marie said...

Hello Kimmie,

Hehe, loved the tent ad. :)Thanks for sharing it.

I've only recently gotten back into blogland. A reliable source of internet where we are was lacking for quite some time.

So excited to hear that your daughter's big day is close at hand! I'll be praying for you and your family over the next few days at this time of great joy!

ElleBee said...

I've had all of you in my prayers since I first read of the engagement. I love reading both yours and your daughter's blogs and pray that God brings peace to your hearts over the coming days. You and your Knight have raised her well and with God's help have prepared her for this next stage of her life. May He bring peace to your Momma heart and shower you all with His love and grace.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kimmie, if there was ever a wedding I would want to crash, it would be this one. Please don't blink because I want for you to be able to share as much as you can remember. I will be in prayer for you as the Lord brings you to mind over the weekend. Mostly, I'll be praying that you will be fully present all weekend long.

On an unrelated note, I am also looking forward to your future posts about coconut oil. Recently, I've been making many of my health and beauty aides at home. Of course, coconut oil is heavily involved. My mouth has never felt better ;)

~Julie S

Erin said...

have a beautiful, wonderful day!
from someone who usually reads and doesn't comment ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kimmie, I am so happy for you! What a blessing to be the mother of the bride. Relax and enjoy your big day. If something goes wrong, DELEGATE the rescue mission to one of your willing friends or relatives who would love to help you. Your job is to look beautiful, enjoy those last moments with your daughter, and cherish each unfolding moment as it happens. You want to remember everything and get the pictures and memories you want captured.

Sleep well, dear sister. We look forward to hearing how the day goes!

Thinking of you with fond affection and prayers....Momma Mindy

(now at

Annie Chase said...

congratulations to the pirate bride :)

Anonymous said...

Such exciting times. Enjoy every minute of it!

Hugs to you,
Leslie K

andrea said...

wow...time has flown!!! wishing you much joy, and peace as you go thru this weekend! happy gaining another son! :)

Expat Mom said...

That went fast! I can't wait to see pics! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmie! I read everything here, but rarely post. Your blog is one of my very favorites. I will be thinking about you and praying for your family throughout this weekend. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! You are truly blessed!!! Love, Karen ~hugs~

Valerie said...

Loved the tent ad. I had to read it a few times. :)

Try not to worry about all of the details... if it hasn't been taken care of by now then it probably isn't all that important. Delegate as much as you can!

Saying a prayer for you as the clock counts down for the I do's.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmie,
I'm a looooong time reader of your blog and my daughter (Ellie, she's 15) loves your daughter's blog. I tried to comment earlier but it appears I didn't do it quite right because I don't see it in the comments. :/ But when I read, "I'd love a kind word from you...come on all you who read but don't comment." I thought, "Oops, that's me." So, I'm going to try again.:) I have admired you and your family from afar (we live in Oklahoma) and your daughter has had quite a strong, positive influence on my daughter! She has been so encouraged and inspired by Bella's life. "Watching" her love story unfold has been especially encouraging to her to trust the Lord for His plan for her own life (which, by the way, she hopes includes children by adoption:) She also hopes there is an airman in her future because she can't quite imagine life separate from the AF. We are an Air Force husband retired after 24 yrs. service and still works on a base, our oldest son served 4 yrs. and is now in the reserves and going to college and our second oldest graduated AF boot camp in March and is currently in tech school. We understand some of the challenges Bella and JoJo are going to face. But a love like theirs built on the Solid Rock will only grow stronger!

Our prayers are with you all. It's going to be a beautiful day tomorrow I'm sure! Look forward to hearing how the Lord blessed Bella and JoJo's wedding day!

Thank you for sharing your life with us through Over the Moon with Joy!

Sharing in your joy across the miles!

Psalm 146:11

Patches of Thyme said...

Blessings on your daughters big day tomorrow. Get in the moment and ENJOY, raising her to get to this point is exciting. Loved the laugh. SLeep well. And look forward to hearing about the wedding

Valerie said...

Been thinking about you this weekend. XOXO I hope you can share a picture or two soon. :)

Amie said...

I always read, although I rarely comment. Congrats to your daughter, I'll be checking back for wedding pictures!

Robin said...

Ha! I like to read the classifieds, too.

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