May 11, 2012

Let's Chat!

You know what makes me sad?  

The blog friends I have lost over the past year or so.  I got to know them as we awaited our adoption (s) and they were such sweet support to me.  I felt like they were face to face friends and that we held each others hearts.  But as time will, other things have come up in their lives, perhaps Facebook, maybe they just lost interest in this blogging world.

I miss them though.  I don't like change, especially when it means losing relationships.  I don't know how to keep it from happening, as we all know life is just plain busy.  I do wish that I could just catch up with them over a coffee chat and find out what is really going on in their days now.

Do you ever feel like the blogging days are over?  Do you think that as other ways pop up that blogging will just fall to a back burner, or perhaps just totally burn its way out?

I think the reason I started this was to share our lives, not really to make friends.  But friendship has been such a pleasant surprise in this land of blogs.  

So how are you feeling about blogs (and me sharing)?  I'd love to hear from more of you.  Honestly, I miss you.  I am sorry if life has gotten so busy, my life included.  I value you, I think of you, I pray for you, I hope you will drop by and fill me in!


Valerie said...

Hey Kimmie! Blogging for me seems to come in seasons. For awhile I only blogged when I got a call from the Grandparents saying they wanted more pictures of the kids. :) I deleted my FB account, and suddenly had more time. (shocker, I know) I realized though that *I* enjoy blogging. I like having the little details of my kids lives jotted down. Since my oldest is the only one with a scrapbook, and it stops when he is only 2 weeks old (and he is now 9!), blogging is my scrapbook of sorts. That said, as the kids get older and homeschool takes up more of our time, blogging just isn't on the top of my to-do list. Neither is reading blogs. I used to keep my google reader at 0. As I type I have 420 unread blog posts.

I love your blog. I hope you don't stop. Your blog is one of my must reads when I see you have a new post. :) I know I don't comment often (hanging my head in shame) ;) but I read and am blessed.

The Red Thread Kids: said...

Hi Kimmie,
I am still here sweet friend, I too, find your blog a must-read when I see a new entry come up and truly hope you don't stop blogging. You've helped me through some hard times in my life and I am glad to call you friend. I only wish I could have helped you better with the project we undertook. Though I do believe the purpose of that project was filled, even if we do not see the results.

I too, am glad for the friends blogging brings, the chance to share thoughts and things I enjoy with other people.

Your friend in Arizona :)


Dardi said...

I still read, but I am still trying to get my legs back under me after our recent adoption. We've had lots of medical appts & are gearing up for a big surgery for Kemeri. I'm hoping to get back to blogging more regularly (I have a lot on my heart these days).

Just so you know, whenever I stop by your blog, it feels like a safe, familiar, cozy place to me. XO

Greta Jo said...

I agree with you. I have lost a fair amount of blogging friends to facebook. I use the word friend lightly as I find that word very hard for me...
Anyway, I still read your blogg and love what you write. I would like you to write about adopting older children ( pros and cons)
Thanks for the prayers they are really needed right now. I am on the ledge... :(

mom said...

Hey Kimmie! I'm still here!

As I think about what you said about blogging, there is a noticeable trend out there. With so many information sources available, people seem to be more connected in places where there's short quick brief hits of information. Probably why Facebook and Twitter are popular. Unfortunately that is not a positive for those of us bloggers who love pondering and words and writing.....

Been praying often for you (WEDDING!!!!!!!)

Tammy ~@~

Stacy said...

Hi dear friend~
I think of you often and especially as you are preparing for the wedding of your beautiful daughter!

Blogging, for me-- as been such a blessing. I love the friends I have made in the blogging world (*and* the friends I made on the AGCI listserv ;)) and I am grateful for this venue. I am also increasingly aware of how easy it is to wile away time on the computer and so try to be careful of that.

(I definitely saw a decrease in comments on my own blog with the advent of Facebook. I prefer blogging, myself.)

I love you, Kimmie!

Kathy C. said...

I have people stop by my blog but many time not one person comments. I think fb is easier for most people. I had tons of "action" on my blog during the adoption process. Many of us were in it together and traveling to Haiti for visits together. After the earthquake and the kids got settled in, almost everyone close their blogs and it's not the same.

Annie Chase said...

Mama Comollo,
I haven't been blogging but I still get on every day without fail. I always look forward to pictures and news about the wedding and cute stories of the kids.

This summer I stayed in MS and am trying to get a summer job with no luck. No one wants to hire me for the summer when I'm leaving for two weeks mid-july. But orphans matter more than money.

I've been trying to save as much money as I can for the fall when I'll be living on my own in a new town (Shreveport, LA) trying to pay for school and an apartment and food and gas… its overwhelming at times.

I learned to make my own laundry detergent by hand as a way to save money and am looking for other penny pinching ways to live as well.

Thats just a bit of an update from me. I hope you are doing well as well :)

Yvonne said...

Hi Kimmie!
I have been a "silent reader" for a few months and I have really been encouraged by your posts! I guess I'm the age of your oldest daughter (I turned 21 on Tuesday), and I think it's awesome to read about what God has been showing you and how He's working in your life.
I hadn't thought much about adoption until last summer, when I had the chance to babysit for a family who had adopted two daughters. The younger one had formerly been abused (weighed only 7 lbs and had 25 fractures at just a few months old...) but she was thriving with her new siblings in a loving, godly home.
Your blog has provided inspiration and encouragement to me, as I pray that I can one day adopt an orphan(s). So thank you!

Lately I've been trying to get back into blogging by just starting a new one (my old one was sort of 'purposeless' and I hadn't updated in months). I have the same problem as Kathy C. - usually no one comments on the posts, but I guess if people are viewing them (and being encouraged) that's important too.

Anyway thanks again for your blog!

Beret said...

I read your blog faithfully, and love what you have to say.
So many of my favorite blogs have gone silent and I miss them, too. I do hope they don't go out of style completely, as I love to write as much as I love to read!

Bird's Words said...

I have taken a long hiatus from blogging regularly. Mostly it was due to a VERY difficult year with our son, but then it was due to feeling too exposed at times. However, I desire to get back there now, and I believe God has given me things to say. YOu've encouraged me today to take the plunge and get back out there in the blogging world!
I love your posts. THey encourage me and convict me. thank you for that. I count this friendship, albeit internet-confined, as a treasure in my life!!

Diane said...

While I don't comment very often, I still read your blog regularly and love it! I rarely blog. Life has certainly kept me busy, but it's always a desire of mine to start blogging more consistently. Facebook...I have wanted to delete my account for a very long time. The only thing keeping me from doing so is the fact that we have a page for our ministry where we keep people informed of our ministry opportunities and needs. Keep up your wonderful blog, I know it's an encouragement to many!

Duckygirl said...

I thought for sure I had posted a comment on here, maybe my phone didn't send it. :(

Anyway, I'm one of those that Facebook has had more pull for. It's been fun to find my blog friends on there and get to know them better. I still like to blog, but things are more difficult now. My life is harder to write about....maybe I'll share someday.

I love reading your blog though, always have! :)

Angel said...

Hi Kimmie! I'm glad to see that you are still keeping up on your blog. Mine has been neglected! I just haven't had the time. In the last few years we have gone from 2 to 4 to 7 and now to 9 children. I was working full time, but lost my job about a month ago. It's been so CRAZY. We finalized an adoption of the 2 little boys we've had. We also have 5 foster kids (actually my nieces and nephews). The county is filing for permanent custody, so lots of mixed emotions going on right now! Sorry I don't check in more often, I do think of you though!


Renata said...

Hi Kimmie
Oh I know I'm terrible at reading & commenting, but please know I'm still here & come looking when I can. You're right life just gets in the way at times. This year has been especially busy for me with schooling beginning for the twins as well.
I do find I miss some of those friends who have come & gone as well.
Many times I've considered giving blogging the boot, but I hope I never ever stop reading because you truely are my friend & I would miss you too too much!
Much love

Expat Mom said...

Still around, but I must admit, I don't read blogs as often these days. The baby and teaching 1st Grade tends to take up my time and I find myself trying to fit everything into a day! My bedtime is much earlier now so I can wake up at night with the little one and when I get up in the morning, it's to nurse the baby and then get the boys fed and ready for school! So, when I do read, I read in big chunks! Your blog is one of four that I still follow.

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