May 20, 2012

Prayer Request Sunday (wedding stuff)

Prayer time...
anyone in? 
 What can we pray about together this week?

*Less than 6 days to the *wedding!*
JoJo arrives home tomorrow from the Air Force. 
 My girl only has 5 more days to say, "I'm engaged."

We are all so excited.  

Babies do grow and fly from the nest,
 love yours so when they do you won't have any regrets.
  My how quickly time flies by.


Karen said...

How exciting!

Micah is scheduled to get tubes in his ears on Tuesday. This has already been rescheduled once due to him getting the hand-foot-mouth virus, so we're praying he stays healthy until then!

Renata said...

Oh Kimmie
How very exciting for you all. I thought the wedding must be coming up soon.
Will pray for you all & for your beautiful daughter & soon to be son-in-law!

DeanO said...

congrats on the upcoming nuptials.

Anonymous said...

Great wedding Mrs. Comollo! I loved seeing all of you guys and spending extra time with your (now our) family! I love you all soo much!!!!!!!!! Tell everyone I said that! Also, extra prayers for Jojo! We couldn't stop talking about Jolene saying " pray for jojo! Amen!" Anyway love you and your family!

Megan m said...

Fyi that wad me megan!

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