May 6, 2012

Prayer Request Sunday!

Prayer time...anyone in?


Rachel said...

Hey, my name is Rachel and I've been following your blog for a while... can you please pray for my Mum to come to a saving faith in Christ. For my whole life (I'm 20) she has professed to be a Christian, and had taught all us older kids that. But three years ago she read some books and has changed her mind. She is now following the Jewish beliefs. Recently she has started reading a book by a atheist. I'm am SO tired of it all and just want it to stop. I still live at home and help mum out with the little children (there are 11 kids all up. Dad is devastated and the whole family is struggling right now. Please pray for us! And for me also, I'm am finding my relationship with God tough right now, it's like pushing water uphill with a fork! - just not going anywhere. Thank you.

Steve Finnell said...

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