Jun 21, 2012

A Christian Woman's Thoughts on Joy

As I have been studying how to gain confidence at the stage of life I find myself currently in and as I press into the heart of my Father; I have also been led to study JOY.

Now I have had many moments of joy over the years, but I can't confess that I am always joyful.  Quite honestly I find myself too busy to even locate joy most days.  I am usually happy and always content with the place I find myself standing.  Of course there are those days that find their way in, that honestly I am ready to quit my day job as 'Mother' and find a new career path to significance and worth.  

However, in my opening up the subject with 5 of my girlfriends every Tuesday night for the next several weeks, we have stumbled from how to walk in confidence as Christian women and how to enter into living joyfully.  (We are reading A Confident Heart by Renee Swope).

It boils down to this...confidence comes from being fully assured and trusting in Him (for every aspect of our lives).  Confidence is an emotion.  It is a feeling that we have or don't have.  If we don't have it, it is because we haven't fully relied on him or don't fully understand all that He wants to give us.  You see we settle for close enough and instead live in the 'Land of Doubt.'  This girl is sick enough of doubt and fear and is ready to dwell in the land of joy (that isn't temporal like happiness, which is SO conditional to what is occurring or not occurring in our lives.)

 Now maybe one of you could help me with a Greek definition of Joy...
used 38 times in the New Testament.
it means:
1.  to glory (whether with reason or without)
2. to glory on account of a thing
3.  to glory in a thing.

I guess I am trying to get my mind around "to glory"

Are they saying when we are in joy that we are "in glory?"  Or are they saying we are merely bragging or boasting?

Is the Glory of the Lord His Joy?  (or one aspect anyway of the word glory?)

okay my scholarly bible friends, hook a sister up!


Bird's Words said...

kauchaomai: to boast
Original Word: καυχάομαι
kauxáomai – properly, living with "head up high," i.e. boasting from a particular vantage point by having the right base of operation to deal successfully with a matter (see WP at 2 Cor 5:12).

[2744 (kauxáomai) likely comes from the root, auχēn ("neck"), i.e. what holds the head up high (upright); figuratively, it refers to living with God-given confidence.

This was taken from http://concordances.org/greek/2744.htm

Praying for you as you seek to revel in the glory, confidence, and joy of the Lord! Love you!

Kimmie said...

thanks H! ((hug))

I will chew on that until I *gET IT!*

Anonymous said...

Kimmie, on the subject of God's glory, here are two things (from notes I took while blessed in a particular Bible teacher's lectures)for your consideration.
1. God's glory is His attributes on display. or God's glory is the perfection of God made visible.

2. This particular sermon may be helpful: http://www.desiringgod.org/resource-library/taste-see-articles/rebuilding-some-basics-of-bethlehem-the-centrality-of-the-glory-of-god

Blessings to you in your study!
B of the North

Kimmie said...

dear B of the North;

Thank you for taking the time to share what you learned and to the link (I will listen to it tonight while my biggies are off to youth group).

I appreciate you taking the time to offer me more insight.


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