Jun 28, 2012

Remembering When God sent Them

May 2011 I was given the job of rearing 3 very tiny raccoons,
really by default as no one else came to their rescue.
 However it was a job that I had desired since I read, 
Rascal, back in my early homeschooling years some 15 years ago.

Join me in remembering what it was like to be mother to orphaned raccoons for 4 months.  Those 4 raccoon filled months, changed my life (and my Knights)...God taught us so much in the moments we loved on them and grew them to big-girl and boy raccoons.  

(my thumb sucking little man).

yes, they lived in our master bathroom.
  yes, I didn't take the roll of toilet paper off the roll and they found it!

(they were paper trained and never caused any damage...
well, unless you count my heart.)

Okay, once I let them come into the living room...but only once, because they were like a group of wild partying monkeys.  Cute, but boy could they make a MESS!  They were so curious and had to TOUCH everything!  

they are super clean and really don't like mess at all.

someone was eating in the chair and maybe left some hidden snacks.

BOY do they LOVE snacks!

See how many snacks they ate...fat, fat racccoons 
who were ready to find a nice quiet spot in the woods to make home.

Yes, they had a fort in their bathroom sanctuary, 
made by love by oldest son and my Knight.

Oh how we miss them. 
 Can't wait to see them at my mansion in heaven some day...I was sure to ask God if they could someday stay with me there.  He said, "Sure!"  So when we get there come on by and I will be happy to let you feed my boy and 2 girls some marshmallows. 

 You'll never be the same, I promise.


saying good-bye is never fun...

It was worth every minute of mopping a zillion times a day, bringing in fish, frogs, crayfish and such to teach my babies what they'd be eating in the wild. 

And wild they are, because I don't see them anymore, but I still visit their God picked paradise and bring them snacks on occasion.  

And though they don't send me thank-you notes per say, they do eat every morsel that comes and leave tiny bits of proof that it is them for me to relish.

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