Jun 4, 2012

Summer Reading Group

Have doubt(s)?
Have insecurities?
Feeling less than confident in your body?
Feeling unconnected with others?

Want to change this?

A few of my girlfriends have agreed to gather together and discuss this book. I am so excited because as I ponder my own heart and that of my 4 girlfriends who have said, "Yes," 
 I have seen the need in this area that each of us have. 
Who doesn't need a Holy Spirit boost?

  I found A Confident Heart when the Holy Spirit prodded me one night
to *search.* 
 There I was with my Kindle doing
 word chases
 (has God had you do this?  He drops a word into your heart, it grabs you and won't let you shake it.  Which pushes me to plug it in to see where He is leading me). 

 This particular evening my heart was heavy (post wedding blues??) and I was honestly too tired to even think of trying to figure anything out. However, I am God hungry, so I plodded along with my word(s) until Renee and I met eye to eye so to speak.

 Have you ever been told to search but not sure of what you are looking for.  Well, I am getting rather good at it and when I found Renee Swope I knew I have completed my search.

If you would like to read along with us order your book
(thinking either your local Christian bookstore could order it for you, if you have a kindle you could download a copy, or try Amazon. Renee's site offers the book, but in the comments I notice that it seems to be a slower delivery.)

It is always fun to read and open your hearts with some friends.  Wanna to join us.  I've asked everyone to order their book this week, because we want to get going!  If you're in give us a shout out, okay?

Renee also offers a book study on her blog, it began in April, so you will need to back track if you'd like to follow it there.

Hope you want to do a little heart surgery here with us. 

 I told the Holy Spirit to bring who He would.  I also prayed that He would 'open this can of worms,'
(our hearts-transparency with God and with others)
 helping us to live with greater freedom and confidence!


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