Jul 27, 2012

5 Things That Excite You (and me!)

5 Things Series..

This time let's do 5 things that EXCITE you!


1. The Holy Spirit's voice  (yes, God still speaks)

2.  Adoption- there are 147 million orphans,
minus the 7 God has let my family adopt!
With one still on the way!
*Unicef estimates 210 million as of 2010.
shocking, eh?

3.  Leading someone to Christ: 

4.  Walking in the woods amidst all the wonders God has made, the forest is my place of serenity.

5.  A clean house 
(doesn't happen often enough, but hey, it excites me!!)

Now how about you?


Bird's Words said...

1. every day miracles (they happen all the time!)

2. Long talks with my teenager

3. Holding hands with my husband

4. hearing my daughter sing praises to God

5. Being part of God's plan to bring Hope to the world around me.

Emily said...

Here's my 5 and it was hard to narrow it down! :)


Rhonda said...

These can be subject to change, but right now it has become these and not in order of importance:

1. adoption
2. when you get that overwhelming feeling that God is watching you at a given moment! or he's spoken something new.
3. the word "farm" (I know??? but I love farms)
4. family..husband kids...sisters, brothers,mom, dad etc Family excites me
5. books; a new one that is awesome and inspiring and of course the BEST book of all.

What a great question. What fun to read yours and the others and share mine too. It's nice to think on those things.

Kimmie said...

Emily it won't let me post unless I make an account with Wordpress (not sure that is right?) Do you know what I am doing wrong or if you can change your settings to let people who have other accounts (google or such) post without (or as a guest?) I so want to leave you comments.

here it is what I tried to post without success.

Hi Emily;

thanks for sharing your excitement with all of us!
I love that you put it in a post and linked up...if I can figure out Mr. Linky (its been a while) I will put it up with my post to link up easier with.

Running is nicer with someone else...talking makes it more bearable...haven't been running in a long time, but I remember it was much better.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Expat Mom said...

1. Learning and teaching (I feel they go hand in hand!)

2. Feeding children who are hungry, especially babies.

3. Caring for those who are hurt. That sounds kind of weird, but I was a paramedic for two years before coming to Guatemala and it was something that thrilled me, to take someone who was hurt and scared and to be able to calm them and make them feel better. Once my children are older, I intend to do the same here.

4. A really good book.

5. My children discovering new things and concepts on their own. I love to teach them, but oh, the wonder of them figuring something out on their own makes me SO excited!

Anonymous said...

1. Learning of God's work in the lives of others.

2. Relationships

3. Feeling the Holy Spirit during worship.

4. Auto-racing--mostly NASCAR, but any race track will do. The whole world melts away with the sights, sounds and smells of the track.

5. Seeing my kids' faces when they are given a surprise.

~Julie S.

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