Jul 15, 2012

In Need of Prayer?

Anyone in need of some prayer?  

I'd love the honour of praying with you about whatever is on your heart.  

Hope you will ask for prayer because I am sitting here hoping someone will.



Bird's Words said...

Hey Kimmie.. our family is entering a new season. My husband just left his position at our church as associate pastor for the past 13 years, and he has accepted the position of campus minister to EKU. The good news: We get to stay here where we feel at home! The scary part: It's all new! I'm so excited abotu what God has in store, and a little apprehensive about what He has in store :)
Please pray that we glorify Him in all things as we enter. Pray especially for Jeff as he will be on the front lines every day in this and me as I work to minister with him but mostly in our home and with our children.

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...


I don't know if unspoken requests are allowed.
Right now my family is dealing with some difficult situations. This summer has been so hard as it seems like one thing after another comes up.
It has been hard being buffeted about, but I am so thankful for a strong, Godly family who can pull through the hard times together by the grace of God. He will see us through these testings and trials.
Sometimes my faith is so small, my eyes get off the Lord and it all seems so hopeless.
Yet God always gently brings scripture to my memory and encourages and blesses amid the trials, in ways I could not even imagine.
Praise the Lord for the comfort and Promises of His Word!

Thank you for your offer to pray, Kimmie! May the Lord bless you for it!

Maria 3

Kimmie said...

Hi H;

I will be happy to pray for you and Jeff. How exciting!!!!!!!
What a blessing to be given the promotion to serving Him in this new area.

and yeah for more time home with the children...may He bless you as you serve your husband and children on the home front.


Kimmie said...

Dear Maria 3;

I feel led to pray for you right now...


I thank you for Maria coming and asking me to join hearts with her in this. I ask Lord that you would strengthen her and that you would use her to be a beacon of your Light within her family.

Lord, I am asking for you to not only bring her the answers she desires,but for the peace and victory that she is longing for in her family.

I ask Lord that you would continue to encourage her and build her up by your Word. Make her hungry for more time with you and in your Word.

I ask for you to surround her not only with your angel army, but with others who belong to You that will continue to keep her on a straight and narrow path with You.

Lord bless Maria, strengthen her faith and help her to see the areas You are working in her life (and her families life).

Draw them all closer to you and use this all for your glory.

In Jesus name I pray.


Anonymous said...

Financial, major dental for self, for a daugther who is backsliddin for a daughter who seems to have something in ther mind going on for a son who needs to get motivated and decide what he is doing in life and get a great job soon his license an education and to get off his play station games ugh....

Judy said...

Hi Kimmie,
I stumbled onto your blog looking for info on making a China lapbook and then saw all your adoption posts! Thank you for posting them. We are in the process of adopting a little girl from China and your posts are very exciting and encouraging.
At this point the Lord has provided almost 1/3 of the money we need-we still need 20,000$-24,000$. We'd appreciate prayer for the rest of that money to come in.
thanks so much!

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