Jul 23, 2012

Discouragement from Comparison

The Trouble of Comparison

Last night I found a bit of time to read and discover some new blogs.  I love meeting new people and I love it when something clicks that they are sharing. 

 I happen to be visual, so if their blog is what I would term   beautiful then it is even better!  

However sometimes I fall into the comparison trap.  You know when you see what you've got (in this case my blog) and look at what they've got (their blog) and find yourself coming up short.  

Oh the evils of comparison!

 The act of comparing; the act of considering the relation between persons or things, with a view to discover their agreement or resemblance, or their disagreement or difference.

Suddenly what was a seemingly innocent way to pass a few minutes became evil, as I happened upon a blog that did a prayer request and there were 44 responses in the comments.  Suddenly my heart took a dive.  This girl's blog was beautiful, her heart for God was clearly passionate, her words were deep and power filled.  I had been joyful to have stumbled on her...but then comparison jumped its ugly self in and
 everything changed.  

My heart sank and I heard,
 "you mine as well give up, you've never had that kind of response to offering prayer requests.  you are obviously not making an impact.  her words and her blog are much better.  you are just wasting your time.  why are you still doing it.  what is the point?"

One click and I was off the page with a spirit of heaviness that followed.

Now let me make this clear.  The voice I heard was not God's.  It was not mine.  It was the one who condemns us and he is the enemy of our souls (i.e. : satan).  

As I felt defeat and discouragement rise up, I laid it before God.  I told Him what I had experienced and gave Him my heavy heart.  

We all want to make a difference.  We all desire to be used by Him.  However, He gets to decide how that looks like.  He decides when, where and with who we will have influence.  My life is not comparable, it belongs to Him and I need to submit all of it into His hands.  In doing so I know He is trustworthy to use it as He decides best.

Discouragement comes easy,  courage to stand takes strength.
  When we humble ourselves, He comes and lifts us up (encourages us, honors us).  

Sometimes we need to speak life to ourselves, thus defeating the enemy that is roaming around trying to knock us off our feet.  

Join me won't you?

Oh my soul, be not discouraged, be not fearful or dismayed.  Trust in the One who loves you unconditionally.  Follow Him and don't let your eyes or your heart lead you away from trusting fully in Him.  Let not discouragement rule you, let not fear over take you. 

 Don't sit here focusing on the why not's, but instead focus on what He is asking of you.  Do it. 

 Don't be mopey.  Don't be comparing yourself to others.  Let your life be used for His purposes, ones you don't even see currently.  Know that He controls all things and is over all things. 

What do you think? 

 Has this happened to you?

What do you do?


Karen said...

Ah yes, for me it's the mom's that handle their multiple treasures that come close in age or have lots of therapies with no trouble at all...or have lots of "perfect" kids...and do a great job of being very intentional about passing on their faith and training their children when I feel like I'm "flying by the seat of my pants" most of the time.

Valerie said...

I know you didn't write this post to fish for compliments... but can I just say that I LOVE your prayer request Sunday's?! My circle of friends in real life (not that you aren't real) :) is almost non-existent. I know you are a prayer warrior, and I trust 100% that when I do comment asking for prayer, that you pray. It is such a blessing. Seriously, just thinking about how you take the time to pray for "strangers" brings tears to my eyes. So thank you. Thank you.

For me, I tend to compare myself to other homeschoolers... always wondering if I'm doing enough for my kids. I also compare myself to Mom's that are so fit and can squeeze in Bible reading and a workout all before the kids wake up at 6. I roll out of bed when my kids get up between 7 and 8. My work out includes lifting myself from my mattress on the floor to a standing position. ;) What do I do about it? Sometimes let jealousy rule. (Bad choice Valerie! Bad choice) Sometimes pray and feel the relief that comes along with knowing that I am His.

Kimmie said...

Valerie I love you, seriously.

Not fishing, just being transparent. It 's what He asks of me.
Thanks for sharing.

Kimmie@ overthemoonwithjoy

Anna said...

Kimmie, do you mind if I laugh at you, silly lady? You're comparing prayer request numbers when in real life you've opened your family and offered profound healing to more children than, oh, say, most people :)

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