Jul 24, 2012

Just Asking...C'mon Lighten Up!

thinking we could all use a dose of "lighten up."

So...are you one who wears pantyhose
 or one who would rather not?

 (I was going to say, "Would rather die than wear it," but that seemed a little drastic in writing (big smile).  

earth shattering stuff, yeah I know.  with all that is offered out in blog world these days...hardly the stuff that gets your blog moved to larger circles.  but hey, that isn't what this is about, it is about taking on a new angle for a minute, because you know some days you just need to talk about something different.  like how you'd rather talk about the stain on your shirt than the fact that you are truly wondering if your children will ever survive to adulthood.  

back to the shallow pantyhose question:

guess which category I fall in...?


mom said...

I'm guessing you'd rather die than wear it? Wish I could go without it, but I don't have pretty legs. Had to find a place of contentment about that a long time ago acknowledging I'd rather have my kids and the varicose veins that came with them (hereditary factors have made them even worse :::sigh:::) than have pretty legs, if that makes any sense. So a lifetime of panyhose it is for me!

Tammy ~@~

Unknown said...

dressing up? panty hose
casual? definitely not!

They give my legs a smooth, younger look, and actually when I work all day standing up and wear the good ones (w/support) my legs actually feel better... but throwing on a casual skirt and sandals.... no pantyhose....

great question!

Ron & Maria said...

AHHHH! my comment was left by 'unknown' but you know me! right?

Anonymous said...

I spent my entire junior high experience at a strict religious school that required panty hose. I felt like a poorly encased sausage for 4 years. To this day I despise panty hose, however I will wear the stuff if it is a VERY dressy occasion, and only if it is cooler than 40 degrees F. Thankfully, I rarely go anywhere VERY dressy, and when it falls below 40 I wear dressy slacks.

Rhonda said...

I'm a not ! I would guess you the same.......the last time panty hose were purchased by anyone in my house (and I'm the only female), they were bought to create some sort of fishing bait...liver in a panty-hose bag! My 11 year old watches a lot of fishing videos on youtube.

Kimmie said...


YOU crack me uo.

AND I LOVE youtube! There is so much to learn and so little time. ;-)

And you are right...I am free of the pantyhose. I wore them for years at a job...but the day I quit, I quit them too. And I went bare legged to my daughter's wedding. It actually never even crossed my mind to put on hose. funny.

I don't feel the same about tights...give me cute tights and I am happy as a clam.

Same thing about sunglasses...love them, but only just tolerate me in glasses.



Leslie said...

I'm a big "withouter" when it comes to hose, but I'm right there with you on the tights. I love cute tights! My biggest aversion to hose is the fact that no matter how "run proof" they are, they always run for me on the first attempt to put them on. I think it's now been about 5+ years since I've attempted to put a pair on; that's now scarred I am by runny hose. I rarely wear anything that would show my legs anyway, as I'm a pants or long skirt kinda gal.

Emily said...

I, too, grew up in a Christian school that required panty hose for chapel days (Wednesdays) and when we went to competitions. I hated them, lots.

I wear them on occassion now, but I go without way more these days. I've always hated them, but thought I was so white I would blind everyone without them. :) Anyway . . . that's where I am with those things.

Karen said...

I very rarely wear hose. Totally drives me crazy to buy them, wear them once, and get a run in them. Plus, at my height (5'8") they are either to big or to small. I wore them all the time when I was working. And I still do wear them in the winter if there's a skirt that I want to wear that's only knee length or if it's really cold...they really do help keep me warm under jeans or slacks. But I bought some nice boots so now in the winter (for Sundays) I stick to long skirts and tall boots. Jeans during the week...but like I said, if it's REALLY cold, I may wear them for an extra layer. But I always make cuts around the waistband, every inch, halfway through the elastic, so I don't feel cut in half. :-)

Valerie said...

I own a few pairs... but judging by the size of the hose and the size of me... it's been a long while since I've worn a pair. :) I'm a barefoot/flip flops kind of girl. Pantyhose just don't fit in to that kinda footwear. :)

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