Jul 1, 2012

Prayer Request Sunday-Summer Seekers

In my neck of the woods it is summer.  Hot, sweaty, need a tall cool drink summer.  

As I enjoy every breath of this beautiful time of the year, can I pray for you?  Leave me a note and we can begin to seek the heart of God on your behalf.  I'd love to believe God with you.  AND if you get an answer, please send us an answer to prayer that we can all rejoice in!

Believing God for big things for your life. 
 Let's seek Him, let's find Him and let's do great things for His name!


Anonymous said...

Please pray for Dety. She is a married mother of two, pregnant with her third. She is having a c-section right now with a 1% chance of survival. She has Sickle Cell and has been in the hospital since May in a great deal of pain. She is a believer and we are all standing in faith that she will live through this!!

Kimmie said...

praying for Dety!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! She made it through the delivery!! She is still in pain, but that is to be expected. Her baby is doing well also even though he was born at 35 weeks.

Kimmie said...

yeah... I was also praying for her husband...that was big stuff for both of them.

What did she have? What is the name?

Rejoicing at God's goodness...thank you for letting me join you! Love it!!!


Greta Jo said...

xoxox Kimmie!

Leslie said...

Please pray for a foster/possible adoption situation that has come our way. We want God's will to be done for us and this little girl. Pray that God would clearly show us how, and if, we are to proceed. Also, pray that my heart would remain strong. I'm finding myself falling in love already, and we haven't even met her yet. I don't want to be heart broken is God's will is not for her to come here and be with us.

judy said...

hi kimmie--i just wanted to let u know how much your blog means to me. it is one of the first places i visit each day. there's always something for me to enjoy that will stay with me for the whole day. thank you so much for sharing your life with us. judy

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