Jul 4, 2012

Treasures of Time-Honour!

Today is July 4rth, a holiday celebrating our freedoms and our country.  In the quiet of my family's celebration I decided to take some quiet time in my bedroom and do some organizing.  Under my bed lies a vintage suitcase picked up to store treasures in.  It lies waiting under my bed, in anticipation of good things to store up as treasures for me.  I occasionally drag her out and open her up to give my spirit a lift.  

In her belly, which was exceedingly full, are notes, emails, cards (the old fashioned wonderful kind) and all sorts of trinkets i have acquired since 2004.  She was bursting at the seams, so I dragged her out and slowly sorted through her treasure troves. 

What memories flooded back.  Both good times and bad times are within her, and spots of the unequivocal neutral territory of steady smooth times.  I laughed, I teared up, I thanked God for each person that took the time to encourage me.  So many of you were friends across the way that I have met either through adoption journeys or my blog.  I had numerous notes from Stacy, from Tammy, from Anna that did nothing but brighten my then and now.

Stacy thank you for your gift of encouragement and for your prophetic words that you so beautifully shared...each time God moved you to stand with me in prayer and love; you touched my heart in deep deep places.  I love how the Spirit moves you in intercession and how He speaks to you so you can encourage others in the Word and during struggles.  I love your heart for your family and how passionately you do all things.  When I think of you beautiful perfect simplicity comes to heart.  You are so joy filled and content in where God has you planted.  And as a women of the Word, I admire your passion to chase hard after Jesus.  You rock my sweet blog-pushing friend, without you Over the Moon with Joy would not be.  You encouraged me to try it, to follow God into the land that reaches so many.  You befriended me and allowed me to befriend so many others that God brought to me.  There must be a jewel for your crown for this my sweet friend.

Tammy your notes and family pictures brighten my soul.  Looking at your homemade family, the whole huge lot of you inspires me to keep trusting the Lord.  You have a peace filled mothering way about you, I know you walk in wisdom that only come from much time at the feet of Jesus.  As busy as your life must be, you always find time to bless my heart and soul.  You are always generous and the gifts we have from you that didn't make the suitcase, bless us with comfort every day.  You shine with beauty my friend.  I love how you have stepped out into new areas, how you ask for prayer for covering in times when things seem larger than life.  I love how you wear so many hats, hats God has designed just for you, with such grace and beauty.  Your compassion, love and generosity is inspiring to me and I am sure many others.

Anna you probably are totally unaware of how God uses you in my life.  I admire you and your many giftings,  your family and how you guide your bigs and littles, your many homey talents that just seem to ooze out of you and your every ounce of being.  Thank you for standing with us through our adoption road, for coming alongside us, as the Holy Spirit moved you and encouraging our hearts in the process.  Thank you for the gifts you have sent just because I was on your heart.  I hope someday to be as confident and lovely as you Anna.  I am also thankful for the many emails over the years that stepped in to help me to either figure out quilting, African hair care, homeschooling or adoption stuff.  I appreciate you so much!

Okay...though today was a little scary for me;
 emptying my box of encouragement.  
I am ready and eagerly waiting for more goodness to put in her belly.

I encourage each of you to take the time to encourage others.  This week as I was thinking about my gift of encouragement, and I guess complaining a little that it seems like such a tiny thing.  Well God told me that, "Encouragement may seem small, until you need encouragement."

forgive me Lord.  today i see what you mean in mass quantity, as I dumped the contents of years of encouragement out and felt it flood over me yet again.

And thank you my friends for being there for me and for being so faithful in being my encouragers!


 run out and get yourself a box, suitcase or some other holding device and be ready to be on the receiving
end of encouragement!  You'll be so glad you did, I promise!!


Rhonda said...

I just realized that you and I have a dear mutual friend; Anna. :) Anna and I have been neighbors, and our boys have shared many hours together growing up together. There is no one like her anywhere! A very special treasure of a woman. So strange to stumble upon this connection. A very sweet tribute to your dear friends. :)

mom said...

Awww, Kimmie! {{{Kimmie}}} Wish we lived closer together so that I could give you a real life hug :-) Look at that suitcase full of encouragement! And from your suitcase has come forth blessings for others through your kind words. I'm delighted and honored to call you my friend :-)

Tammy ~@~

Stacy said...

(((Oh, Kimmie!)))
What a blessing YOU are! And what a thoughtful post and such tender encouragement from you. I feel so, SO blessed by your words.

Thank you, kind friend!


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