Jul 19, 2012

When God decides to Bless You...

Ever been overtaken by blessing?

Let me share my morning 
(the day is still young...I might have to add on later, big grin)

Today after I dropped 6 of my children off at our VBS (vacation bible school) and headed out to run a slew of errands with my youngest Ethiopian Princess (who was wearing the dress from her sister's wedding-imagine a dark skin girl in a floor length white satin dress).

 This was a special week given to us by God, a week to have alone time with my baby and to date each other thoroughly.  It has been a wonderful week and God has really blessed both of our hearts as we got to enjoy our alone time.

 Our first stop was birthday shopping- no surprises here, just felt great to cross things off the ever growing never-get-it-done to-do list.

Next we were in a parking lot and a woman walks past us with an arm load of stuff.  I smile and comment that I really like her large black and white beach bag.  She smiles and hands it to me.  I think, how strange.  But I rejoice at my cute huge bag.

In the same parking lot I am given a pair of cute black dress slings that fit me perfectly...brand spanking new.  Not sure why- but they became mine.

Next I go to Starbucks and while the Princess (who is attracting lots of attention in her wedding attire) are sitting enjoying our date, the guy at the counter asks if I want a free mochachino, as they have an extra one.  I scoop it up, because I know one of my children just loves these.  She has been serving all week and deserves a little extra treat. (thanks God)

Interesting and I am feeling VERY blessed.

Then date time is up.  I drive across the street to church and in the parking lot is this 
large blue mini school bus. (this color!)
 The Holy Spirit tells me to go over and talk to the driver. 
 AND...I do.

 The sweet woman driving it (Cha-Cha) begins to share with me the history of said vehicle and that she uses it for her daycare business.  We had a lovely chat and shared lots of God stories with each other over the course of several minutes.  Turns out she goes to a local church, her children attend a school with my girlfriend's son (Michele) and that she passionately loves Jesus!! 

back-up a minute.

This girlfriend had sent me a picture of this vehicle 3 weeks back...claiming it as, "yours!"  Guess Cha-Cha said that my friend Michele was scoping it out for a family at her church and that she wanted to hook us up if she ever wanted to sell it.  Sweet Michele, always looking for ways to bless me.  I explained I was the person she had been talking about.

Anyway, before our chat is over she tells me she is going to  
Give me 
 this bus.  She shared that sometime in the near future she plans to *unneed* it.  Tomorrow she is taking my name and info so that she can drive that baby over when the time is up.  She says it needs one thing (the overdrive fixed) but other than that it is perfect.  

Now, my Jesus knows we are in need of a new vehicle soon.  

Funny, how God is sliding it in our direction.  

Even my sister-in-love, Anne-Marie, came up during our curbside chat to say that she just knew that I was talking about this bus for my family.  She was laughing, but then so was everyone else I've shared the story with so far.  

God is funny.  
He loves to bless us. 
 Sometimes He starts small.  
Sometimes He starts big. 

 Regardless, I am so thankful. 
 Hmm, well honestly even without any of these blessings today I would tell you how awesome He is.

Maybe tomorrow I will get a picture of Cha-Cha and the bus.  Afterall, aren't we called to share our God moments and testify to His goodness?


We Are Family said...

UMMM WOW! Praise the Lord!

Karen said...

How Awesome!

Renata said...

Oh My Kimmie!!! WOW, WOW, WOW
Praise God!!!

Much love
Renata XXOO

Rhonda said...

Very sweet stories! Thanks.

Lori said...

Love, love this!!! So happy for you. I love to hear about God blessing his children!!!

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