Aug 25, 2012

5 Things Series (to do in 2012)

5 Things to Do 
2012 Slips Away
My Wish List...
(what is it that you set out to do on that 
resolution list
 that you haven't crossed out yet)

1.  Learn to sew a zipper into something.
(thinking small bag or purse)

2. Get all the vintage sewing machines set up so I can start teaching my girls how to sew.
(need the Knight's help to get them all raring to go!)

3.  Have a play date by myself for a full day. 
A Time-Out for Mama. (no guilt!)
(really I'd love a whole weekend, but being realistic instead of dreamy.)

4.  Overhaul my gardens.
(deciding if some need to relapse into grassy play areas versus untended unloved gardens)

5.  Take a trip to Georgia 
 (*hoping to have a birthmother
 choose us as the adoptive family for her baby. This one is out of my control)

6. Because #5 is out of my control...
Take my oldest married daughter and go to Tisane for tea.
 (she will be moving far away (Dec. 2012) when her hubby comes home from his deployment!)


Rhonda said...

Great list......enjoying thinking of 5 things...... hope to formulate a list of my own! :)

Lori said...

Love the list. I really want to learn how to sew, but this would require a sewing machine, someone to teach me, time to sew, and room in our small house for a sewing spot. Sigh...someday.

You look so beautiful in the picture. :)

SJeff said...

Like Georgia USA or Georgia (country). If it's USA come see us! I miss you!

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