Aug 13, 2012

A Christian Mama's Child Training Idea

For those of you new here, I am a mama to eight (yes, 8) children. 

 I am a Christian who lives life to please my Father in heaven, or least I try every day. 

 I take my job of parenting seriously, as I know someday I will stand before my God giving an account for my life. 

 My heart's desire is to raise children who will love and obey Him, not out of fear, but because they have come to know Him.

Tonight I hung a poster size sign in my children's room reminding them that God wants them to please Him.  Always.
All ways.
(us too.)

I have explained that one of God's names is El Roi (God who sees)
 and that what we do (all we do) needs to be pleasing to Him.

So in big chunky block letters I wrote out:

  • You see we've been battling about how rooms are supposed to be kept
  •  how toys are to be cared for
  •  what cleaning is supposed to look like
  • what it means to mummer or grumbling in one's heart (or out loud)
  • how something hidden is not concealed from God's eyes
  • what honoring and respecting God means 

We also discussed how we reap what we sow.  How God desires us to please Him and how he desires to honor (and bless) those who honor Him (and His Word.)

Praying and believing that their hearts were listening and that they will start to think,
 "Is this pleasing to my God?"


Bird's Words said...

beautiful...I needed this reminder (the grumbling in my heart part especially) for myself today.

Valerie said...

Hmm, I am loving this poster idea. My home could use a few of these.

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