Aug 12, 2012

Prayer Request Sunday

Those who seek after God's heart, find Him.
Would you like some prayer?  I'd love to pray with you this week.  

To go through life only hoping for the best, is a sad reflection of not trusting in God or His ability to move in our lives. By calling to God (prayer) we show Him that He alone holds our answers.

 Truly lifting your needs up, by bending one's heart to God is a better way,
 because only with prayer can we find results that meet the true needs of our life.

A bended heart is a powerful means
 of finding all of life's answers. 

So what can we pray about together?


Rhonda said...

I'm headed out the door next to pray. Have had relatives here all weekend and though it's dark out, can't wait to take some things to HIM who hears! Praying for continued guidance and to hold fast to faith in adoption journey and also praying for a way to get involved in advocating for orphans and praying for a way to give more to physical support of orphans. Love Prayer Request Sundays. :) Bless you!

Bird's Words said...

For some time, I've felt God's call to write a book. When we were in Ethiopia recently I asked Ellie's birth mom for permission to write her story, for it is full of beauty and grace and His fingerprints. I'm humbled that she said yes, and I want to do her justice. She is strong, courageous and precious.I want people to know her sacrifice, but even more so, I want Jesus glorified in my writing. This is very exciting! thank you for praying with me! I pray for you often...

Kimmie said...

Dear Rhoda and H;

Joining hearts with you. May God open doors for both of you and may He allow you to use your time in ways that can get it done!

Excited about your requests because both of them come from the heart of our Father. Those who honor Him, He honors...exciting stuff!


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