Aug 19, 2012

Prayer Request about YOU?

The short and sweet of it:  
Do you want prayer? 
 Just leave me the details on what we will pray together about and we can get to it.

Hope I am not sitting here alone long. 

 And don't worry if we've never met or if it is something not very important in the grand scheme of the world.  Leave it anyway and we will see what God says and does in regards to it!



BJ said...

Thanks again for hosting this. I'd like to ask for prayer for our whole family as we are on round two of a battle with head lice. No fun. Trying not to get too overwhelmed by it, but sheesh what a thing to have. We go so few places, that I'm rather stumped as to how we got it in the first place. It almost ruined camp for my kiddos, but thankfully it was under control enough that they were allowed to return after a day home of nit-picking. Bless you this week, Kimmie. Please let me know if I can lift anything up on your behalf!

Karen said...

I emailed you!

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