Aug 8, 2012


I couldn't help myself, my littlest one was sleeping and I had to snap a few shots.  

I am pretty tired today.

 Sometimes you just run out of steam and need to rest.
As I just came back from a camping trip, I would have thought it would have been longer before I felt bone tired again.  Still working on unpacking and figuring out what to do with all the camping stuff.  

 Camping was fun.  We had flash flooding upon setting up the tents.  really, flash flooding. I went in to set up the two beds in the caravan (pop-up) and within literally 5 minutes of rain we had a pond in our camping sites (2) and our tents were under 6 inches of water.  Not the best way to start, but the land dried out by day 3. 

 My Knight moved the tents to higher land and we managed to relax a bit.  

We hadn't been camping in 5 years.  Somehow when we jumped from 3 children to 6 and then rapidly to 8, we lost our camping spirit.  I think we've found it, as all the kids (including the daughter who was camping-reluctant due to her fear of hyenas. yeah I know we don't have them here, but tell her that) seemed to have fun.  Helps that their friends/cousins were there for the week too and that the Papa managed to cart 10 bikes to the beach.  

I don't think we got through a day without a child needing medical attention (i.e. the bikes), but the band-aids held out and we managed to not have to go to the hospital!  (really twice we thought there was a great possibility of that).

Now I remember why I am so tired.  Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.  Off to unwind before the sun comes up once again.  

What's new in your part of the world?


Karen said...


Rob said...

Hi Kimmie, I'm sure the kids had a geat camping holiday. I know as a kid it was my favourite kind of holiday, I still remember the ones my grandpa and grandma used to take me on, all very simple and basic where you made your own adventures in the lords theme park.

Rhonda said...

What an adventurous trip! So glad the hyenas stayed away. :)
Around here is is company coming for the weekend, which means dust bunnies must go, and I must face the fact that I've let things slip a little in the cleaning department. Great time to catch up.

Loved to hear about your time camping.

Chef Becky said...

Hi Kimmie. Sounds like you had a wonderfully wet time. We had a very similar adventure when my littlest was 2yrs old. We still chuckle over the pond INSIDE the tent where we were sleeping on blowup mattresses on the ground. This will always be a great memory for you. <3 U

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