Aug 22, 2012

When God is Silent

Sometimes God is silent. 

 I myself find this hard, as I long to hear His voice.  I am a believer that God speaks to all of us, be it in the heart or to our ears, through strangers, or through friends.  I do not believe God is limited by any means, other than us not allowing Him access.

I think in order to hear Him we need to be open to His voice.  I once went to a church that believed firmly and fixedly that God no longer spoke.  They stood firm that He only spoke through His Word (the Bible) and the no longer needed any other term in which to reach us than this alone.  

However, through personal experience that could not be denied, I had to come to know God and His voice in my life in a very real way.  God had not only spoken to me (with my ears being the receiver), but also through dreams, visions and through angelic visitation.  I could no longer stay in camp with them, but needed to walk in larger fields with my God.

I say this to say that God has been quiet with me lately.  

 He speaks to me through His Word as I daily press into it.  But lately His voice in other areas of my life has been quiet.  I have asked God repeatedly why the silence, why He wasn't answering me?  Most of my questions pertaining to the adoption road He has put us on, and how long we will seemingly wait on this path with so little encouragement.

Last night though His voice was still silent, I heard Him through the Word in Zephaniah 3:17.  I am reading through in the Complete Jewish Bible (CJB).  I wept tears of joy as the words met the desire of my heart to hear from God as I wait.

Adonai your God is right there with you,
as a mighty savior.
He will rejoice over you and be glad,
he will be silent in his love,
he will shout over you with joy.”

So when you can't *hear" Him, know that in Heaven there is sound that doesn't always reach our earthly ears.  Love sometimes is silent.  A silence that means, "I trust you with this."  A quiet that means, "You can follow me in this, even without hearing me."

My heart is fluttering as my Father hasn't forgotten me, but just has decided to allow me a time of quiet in my path to His heart's desires. 

What is your experience with hearing from God...I'd love for you to share! 


Rhonda said...

I heard him just now before I came in and found your blog post. He lead me to your side and I prayed for you only about 15 minutes ago. :) My new dear friend from afar off. I prayed that your heart would burst out like waters flowing over with love to the family that you adore and serve every day. That he would encourage you and lift up your head. I see HE has encouraged you and I hope knowing that He brought your face to me today to lift you up will encourage you too. Your voice is a voice of peace, mercy and grace and God loves to use this to bless others with. I think He knows He can rely on you to bless. :)
Sent to you from ARkansas and my heart with love!

Karen said...

I love that verse! I'm actually consider getting it in vinyl to put above a doorway in our home.

The Red Thread Kids: said...

Thank you Kimmie,

Your prayers help carry us and are truly felt... I wanted to write sooner or even write more. But words are hard right now. But I am guessing we don't need many. You guys too are in my prayers.

Debrah, and family.

Bird's Words said...

I read a note from a friend this morning that said "When God is silent, He is not still". Thought of you...
You have my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Simply amazing. I've been offline a bit this summer and have missed your spiritual insight and wisdom. You are a dear sister and I appreciate your faith.

Blogging at Wordpress now and am still adapting....

Anonymous said...

It's so frustrating when we don't hear from God, especially when we are desperate for His answers and direction. But as you know, He doesn't always speak with words. For a good parallel, sometimes it's wonderful to just sit in silence with my husband... but we're "communing" instead of "communicating". Maybe you are right where you need to be, doing just what you need to be doing and don't need a nudge or a word at all. Know what I mean?
Maybe He is just sitting beside you... communing.

Kimmie said...

thank you do my heart good.



Jenna said...

My name is Jenna, You'r kids are beautiful and your boys are handsome. You are all special miracle's from god, gift's from above, and earthly angel's.
I was born with a rare life threatening disease, and have 14 other medical conditions, and developmental delays.
I wrote this poem
Each of us are Special
Each of us different,
No one is the same
Each of are us are unique in our own way,
Those of us who have challenges, we smile through our day.
It doesen't matter what other's say
we are special anyway.
What is forty feet and sings? the school chior

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