Aug 17, 2012

Why I heart the LIBRARY!

Today I ran an errand to the library.  Just me and one child.  You see I wanted to put my drawing slips into the adult reading program box.  I stopped by on Saturday, to our tiny little neighborhood library, but alas due to budget cuts they were closed.  So I slid all my books into the book drop, but first I made a list of all the "have read books," for me to enter into the summer reading club box for a weekly drawing upon the next managed trip to the library.  

Well, today was the day.  As I ventured in with my littlest Ethiopian daughter, the librarian greeted us warmly.  That may be an understatement, as she rushed out from behind the counter with a book in hand.  She told me in a quiet voice that 2 books came in.  She reminded me of how (6 months ago) I came in looking for more modern sewing books for our homeschool. 

 She took it upon herself to order several new books and had one in her hand (as she tucked them aside before anyone else could take them out).  However, in her hushed tone she declared another library asked to borrow one and that she reluctantly sent it to them temporarily. " Alas, where was I last week?" she asked.  (such a sweet librarian with a thick Chinese accent.)  She reminded me that the new sewing books were for me and my teenage girls.

We left our mark on her.  You see we take out 50-60 books every 3 weeks.  We go in and try to show our best manners.  We try to reflect the Jesus we love.  And you know what.  The librarians they love my family.  They gush over us and run out to see us. 

 They ask us questions and I transparently answer them. They actually listen when I answer (rare these days for sure!) They love hearing about our family, adoptions and all.

My heart is into books, but my heart is more into librarians who might not know my Jesus.  I believe in relationship built evangelism.  Loving people to Jesus.  

So in my hand is an awesome new sewing book, sent from a sweet head librarian at the tiny branch we frequent (chosen so our older Ethiopian wouldn't be overwhelmed with a larger library, but wooed into love with a grandmother's attic type library). For two years it has been the only library we have known, I think Jesus had bigger reasons than just the library's size. On my heart isn't only sewing projects, but a beautiful librarian who goes out of her way to bless my family.  

And I know that prayer is a mighty thing indeed!
Have you hugged your librarian lately?


BJ said...

Such a beautiful story of how our every day can make someone else's eternity change directions. I love how you allow the Lord to use those special ordinary activities to minister His love to this world.

Rhonda said...

Love that story........ :)

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