Sep 13, 2012

Cornstarch Chalk Paint...EASY!


assorted food coloring
cornstarch (a lot!)
hot water to thin to your desired consistency

In a big bowl, add 4 cups of cornstarch.
Add enough hot water to make a gooey paste.  Our paint consistency was like applesauce. 
I used a large muffin tins to ladle the white gooey cornstarch mixture into, then the kids decided on which food coloring to add to attain all the colors their hearts desired.  Think rainbow!

I handed out paintbrushes (use whatever size makes you happiest) and the kids artistically used our driveway as their canvas.  Now this paint isn't really great to do a fine detail masterpiece with, but I promise my kids ranged from 11 down to 4 and all of them had a ball. Including the friend they had over who thought I was the bomb.  How do I know...well because each of them thanked me over and over for letting them redo the driveway.  big mama smile.

I did make two batches and wiped out our cornstarch and food coloring stash.  Luckily it is easily replaced at our food warehouse club and The Dollar Store next trip out to town.


mom said...

Looks like fun, Kimmie! I wish we had a driveway to paint on....alas, our driveway through the woods is gravel. Maybe my kids could try this inside the garage?

Tammy ~@~

Kimmie said...

It took a long time before it totally washed away...might be long lived garage art.


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