Sep 18, 2012

Food (for Thought)

"Only one life, 'twill soon be past,
Only what's done for Christ will last."
 -C.T. Studd {1860-1931}

(behind the scenes: my heart)
Today I was studying faith (righteousness). Actually, it started by finishing up study notes from my Pastor's sermon this weekend.  My church has started small groups (growth groups) to help us not only have better fellowship (big churches sometimes find love: fellowship difficult).  We all study Sunday's sermon and discuss it. 

This weekend we weren't in church, well we were, but it was a different church.  We drove an hour away to an Ethiopian church that meets in New Haven.  It was combining with our Ebenezer Evangelical Church (Ethiopia/Eritrean) church; as we lost our pastor last year.  We had an all afternoon celebration of the combining of these two congregations.  It was wonderful.  Honestly never did I think my family would be sitting amongst 100 Ethiopian/Eritreans, listening to Amharic (for 3 hours), having a dear friend (Getch) translate for us, then eating a feast together of their amazing (AMAZING) food.  

beautiful fellowship: LOVE (real stuff!)

 community: different, but filled with love, open hearts and a willingness to let us in.
strange, not what I would have expected
 or where I would have expected it in life.

Anyhow, as I tried to be ready for our growth group tonight, the Holy Spirit began to direct my path...
  I was led to study a sermon by Smith Wigglesworth

 I came across this quote (see above) and was convicted to allow the Holy Spirit to renew my view of how I should be living.  I love the Lord, but I think I must have forgotten this truth that all else gets burned up in our life...only what is done for Jesus is what will stand. 

Father forgive me, somehow I lost the vision, renew my heart Lord.
In Jesus' name I ask it.
How does this statement resonate in your soul today?

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Rhonda said...

Powerfully! And I am with ya in this desire to live fully in His will, where all is lived in grace.

What an awesome Sunday experience that you had! Amazing where the road of faith can take a life. I love learning how He is leading others. What beautiful stories He writes in our lives.

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