Sep 19, 2012



Friendship is a strong and
habitual inclination in two persons
to promote the 
happiness in each other.

Joseph Addison

from my heart:

finding myself in a season of oneness.
seems friendship holds a very small window in my days currently.
as I look to the window of friendship it seems that it may be closed
or only have a teeny-tiny crack currently.

finding that time flies so fast each day.

Wondering if God plans to change this...or if this truly is a season of solitude?


Dardi said...

This really resonates with me b/c I have been pondering/lamenting the same thing lately. Life is so busy, but it is also overwhelming at times in our current season. I literally drove around for 1/2 hour the other night, & my crying turned to sobbing when I realized I did not have anywhere to go for a shoulder. I have many friendly relationships, but as far as a true "go-to" person(s)...not at this point. I, like you, am trying to look upward to see what He would have me learn in this season of solitude. I know that He does not waste a moment, so I choose to feel hope during this time! :o)

Rhonda said...

Praying you find peace and a deep contentment in whatever the answer is in the here and now, friend.

Hugs from AR.

Rob said...

Everybody needs a friend Kimmie.

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